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False images of God = False images of self = False images of others

How do we see people?
What is our first impression when we spend time with someone?
Are we quick to cast judgement on behavior or on what we hear?
How do we view relationships and what do we expect from them, especially family relationships?

These are things we can all take a moment to think upon.........

In my life, relationships have always been very, very volatile, imbalanced and mostly short lived or extremely controversial.......until.......I surrendered ALL to Jesus.

Looking at the questions I opened this page with, let me throw this at you....we see, judge, hear and experience others through our own experiences, hurts, disappointments, false expectations. An apostle of the Lord and a man I consider to be holy and righteous once ministered in our church and made this very strong, and in some aspects, confrontational statement of revealed truth - idol worship is having false images of God, and if I have a false image of God I also have a false image of myself.- This is a TRUTH!