False images of God = False images of self = False images of others

How do we see people?
What is our first impression when we spend time with someone?
Are we quick to cast judgement on behavior or on what we hear?
How do we view relationships and what do we expect from them, especially family relationships?

These are things we can all take a moment to think upon.........

In my life, relationships have always been very, very volatile, imbalanced and mostly short lived or extremely controversial.......until.......I surrendered ALL to Jesus.

Looking at the questions I opened this page with, let me throw this at you....we see, judge, hear and experience others through our own experiences, hurts, disappointments, false expectations. An apostle of the Lord and a man I consider to be holy and righteous once ministered in our church and made this very strong, and in some aspects, confrontational statement of revealed truth - idol worship is having false images of God, and if I have a false image of God I also have a false image of myself.- This is a TRUTH! I have personally experienced it!
When I begin to think upon how I see God and write it down, and I then go and search the Word to see the TRUE picture of God, often, they don't line up or are imbalanced, and only through accurate preaching and a deep desperate desire for truth, can that be rectified and the idols removed.
You see, we don't know we have a false image of God until He opens our eyes to it, and one way, and it is a way most people reject, is the accurate preaching of the Word. In 2006, August to be exact, I was called in by my spiritual father so he could speak to me, like a family meeting between father and daughter when there is something out of place and he lovingly wants to correct it to better your life. I was gently made aware of how my false idea of who I am cause of my false idea of who God is was raking havoc in my life, my marriage, my children, all my relationships and also negatively affecting the body. The Lord delivered me right there of a few things and I suddenly had a slightly clearer idea of who God is.
A week later God delivered me from a demonic stronghold in church, nine moths later again. After the third deliverance, the Lord now much clearer to me, showed me areas in my life I needed to take responsibility for. Yes, circumstances and things I went through in life caused those things and false perceptions to be there, but, my actions I still have to take responsibility for.
I had one particular person on my heart and after not being able to get hold of them personally I wrote them a letter and delivered it at a place I knew they came to live when they were in South Africa for a holiday. The repentance was received with a lot of love and tears. In my mind I thought this relationship would be immediately great. It wasn't. That person had nothing against me, God just didn't allow us to see one another or speak even.
Four years after the first deliverance, an event happened that shook me to the core of my being. It lead me to cry out to God in a way I had never done before. HE lead me through things I had gone through and things I had done. It was so painful that I felt my physical body was going to burst from the pain! Intense pain. The Lord made a way for me to go for Theofostic ministry and He did an Amazing Miracle!
From there, my eyes opened to begin and continue to see God in WHO HE REALLY is. The lies had ALL been exposed, and now, for the first time in my life, I KNOW the truth! I can distinguish between the lie and the truth and take that lie captive to the obedience of Christ

Now five years from the first deliverance, this person I repented to because I had cause this already volatile family relationship to completely disintegrate, God, through Jesus, has opened the door, and is rebuilding the ancient ruins.
We spent time together today, and had an experience of love........deep deep love that I have not experienced in a family relationship before. We openly spoke about the things I mentioned here and found that from that year 2006, God had been working and orchestrating things to lead to today! In both our lives.
How AWESOME is that.

See, I learned through to days experience, that God has to be allowed to deal with us first. We need to point the finger at ourselves first and ask, "Lord, in Jesus name, show me where I have a false image of You, so it can be cast down, my mind renewed, my eyes opened and my soul healed and restored to see You for Who You really are. So that I can see myself and others for who they really are and I can have mercy and grace on myself and others."
When we truly begin to see who God is and how He functions we begin to see others as He sees them and we begin to have compassion. People are the way they are because life happens. It's not an excuse, but a reality. Yes, we have to take responsibility for our wrong actions, but we need to be loved, unconditionally and irrevocably loved to come to a place where we can see our actions are wrong and also begin to see what causes us to behave a certain way.

God doesn't want families to be separated. He wants them to be strong and healthy. When we look at the Old Testament, entire families worked together, generations at a time. In families where we all believe in Jesus, we are filled with His Spirit and we were baptized into His death and Resurrection, we aught to get along and have a mutual love and respect for one another, but often we can't, cause we have a false image of who God is and so we have the false idea of who our loved ones are and a false idea of who we are. We need to see each other by the Spirit, not according to the flesh, and we can only do this when we allow God to reveal Himself to us, not our idea of Him. When we see one another by the Spirit we are beginning to see one another the way God sees us and we look at one another's faults less and we begin to understand we are all a work in progress.

False means lie. The Devil is the father of lies. Through negative experiences lies creep in and we need to be shown the truth so the lie can be exposed and refuted and the Light of the Truth can shine in and through us and bring healing and restoration. We need to be connected to the Source Himself. We do that by being part of a local Body, a church.

Jesus, help us! Lord, open our eyes that we may see who You really are. Father remove the false images of You in our hearts and minds and establish Your truth. Deliver us and heal us. Put eye salve on our eyes that we may see. Remove the hardness and blindness and deafness Lord, in Jesus name we cry. We open our hearts to You and say Lord Jesus, we allow You to love us! The full spectrum of Your love, so we may understand and know it in every part of our being so we also can begin to allow You to love through us. That we may see as You see, speak as You speak and operate as You operate. In Jesus name, Amen!
(c) Celeste Glass
(The teachings on the Life of Christ on dvd and in manual form are available from Harvester Reformational Church. All 62 journeys in His life, with scripture order, questions and answers. Go to the website www.harvesterchurch.net or mbc@harvesterchurch.org.za)

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