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Little things

Sometimes we look at our lives and all we see is labor. Labor at our marriage, labor in our children's lives, labor in our spiritual lives. And we easily get disillusioned at the "look" of  it. How easy it is to then get into dead works and self effort. In these moments of disillusionment we begin to compare ourselves and rate the fruit of our labor to the fruit of our friends labor.
Why do we do this?
After having a chat with someone who's in a place where all they see is the work they are putting in and the pain and hurt and miss understanding they are getting out of it. Listening to them I could see how for a very long time in my own life, all I could see was my labor and missed completely what was happening right in front of my eyes.
I could not appreciate the little things that make great memories, I could only roll around the mud of self effort and dead works.
When this person had gone home I sat for a while and just thought upon everything I had heard and aske…

Life according to the truth of Jesus

When we get married, we do it as a life time commitment and no one goes into a marriage ready and prepared for the death of a spouse.
We dream up our fairy tale wedding day and continue to dream what we would like to have out of life. There is nothing wrong with it. I believe it's how it should be and no one should go into one of the biggest days of their lives ready to say good bey. (Unless of course you are already aware of the inevitable)

So, there I was, 20 years old and my folks needed to move to another city and I just did not see myself going along. So I did the only thing I knew and I prayed to God that He please, either give me a sensible room/flat mate who loves Him, has a proper job and of course to please bless me with a better job than the one I currently had, or..... "please let a man take me as his wife, and let him serve You wholeheartedly and be stronger than me, teach me Your word and well, as a bonus, have cycling legs." (gotta love the you…