The importance of dedicating our children to the Lord

Dedicating our children to the Lord is one of the very first and most important things any parent can do for their child.
This past Sunday in church the Spirit of the Lord was focusing on the youth of this nation South Africa. We fell on our faces before the Lord and wept and cried out to the God of Mercy and Truth for our children in South Africa.
The Lord moved and the children started to sing. By instruction from the prophetic psalmist who lead the worship the children all gathered on stage and worshiped God. Some came with prophetic utterance and encouraged us as a church but also as words over themselves.
David understood this when he wrote in Psalm 8 Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants, You have ordained strength, because of Your enemies, to silence the enemy and the avenger.
God says  in Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh, your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

I call out to all parents, I urge you by the Spirit of the Lord get baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues and get your children filled in the Spirit of the Lord, no matter their age. A two year old can be filled in the Spirit! Their spirits are more in touch and in tune with God's than we are willing to admit. Only Jesus can help, protect and save our children! Let's get our children saved. Get them baptized in the Holy Spirit so they can speak in tongues and begin to prophesy.
Dedicate our children to the Lord and train them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Let's not give the devil a foot hold. Let's not make excuses for the world trying to squeeze us into its mold. Stand, and stand firm!Letting our minds be renewed through meditating on the word of the Lord. Bring our children to church, don't keep them away. While we still have a say in their lives, let us use it. Don't sleep or slumber, be vigilant.
God looks after our children but we need to be awake and obedient to His Holy Spirit.

I have the privilege to know someone who turned fifty a while ago and we were told that her mother dedicated her to the Lord when she was born as Hannah did and her father spoke a blessing over her as Jacob did to his sons, just before he died. They prayed for her and God guided her steps. God has let her gifts and talents come to fruition and she is a great blessing to all who meet her. There is so much fruit in her life.
Dedicating our children to the Lord already gives Him a right into their lives, so the job is partly done, now we need to walk it out with His guidance.
I'm still young, thirty five to be exact, and I don't have all the answers and I also have young children still. But, I have this incredible privilege to have friends who's parents I know and whom I have seen raise their children as I have mentioned above and if it worked for them it will work for all of us. I have followed their advice and I see the fruit in my children's lives. Yes, no one family is the same, and yes no one child is the same, and yes, we can not mold our lives according to the molds of other families, BUT, we CAN apply the same principles. When we start while they are still small, it's less difficult when they are in their teens. And even though there may be a battle when they are in their teens cause we didn't have the knowledge or understanding then that we have now, there is always hope when we come to Jesus. I have seen how families and teenagers lives have been turned around, cause the parents followed the principles in the scripture and from the teachings in the church. I have seen grown men and woman's lives change cause they chose to submit to the principles in scripture and in the church.
It IS possible, but we need to be willing to do and obey.

My mother dedicated me to the Lord when I was born. When she was diagnosed with cancer two years later and was thought to definitely die, she gave me back to God completely. Our lives as a family have not been one of moonshine and roses. We did not always follow the Lord. My parents made many mistakes in ignorance and some in disobedience ( I share this with their permission). Their lives did not always set the right examples and we had some very dark times, BUT, because she dedicated me, because she gave me back into the hands of the Lord, by the time I was twelve the Lord had orchestrated it that family came to visit in Jo'burg and insisted to go to Ray McCauly's church and there I both gave my life to Jesus and was filled in the Holy Spirit. Things went right for a while but because we didn't have a healthy environment at home and as I have said, my folks really didn't know better, (I don't blame them for what my life was like as a child or a teenager or adolescent) I did back slide and grow colder from my first fiery encounter with Jesus. But, because of the dedication, and then salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit, even though things weren't as they ought to have been, I still tried to walk with God. I tried many things and committed many  unmentionable sins, but, because of the Holy Spirit, even as I committed the sin, I'd find myself praying in tongues and things ended up not turning out as bad as it could have, He saved me. Because we pray in tongues the Holy Spirit is making intersession for us in mysteries between Him and the Father and then action is taken. Jesus ever lives to make intersession for us, from the day we give our lives to Him till the day we die He is fervently praying for us. So, with this, God orchestrated it that in my matric final exams I met a spirit filled swimming coach who started coaching me and doing other things that affected my life for the better. I still wasn't 100% there yet, still on a very slippery slope, not quit clear from the hole I had dug for myself. Then I went to work in a sport store for extra cash and literally bumped into someone who came to minister at our youth four years before. They saw the need and desperateness in my life and gave me no choice but to come to home group with them and there I rededicated my life to Jesus from a back-slidden state to being one with Him again. From there I have only grown from strength to strength.
I do not believe teenagers have to back-slide before they learn what their salvation is. I have seen many who never did and they really and honestly did not miss out on anything in life. It's harder to deal with the baggage than to have none at all.

My point is, had it NOT been for my mom dedicating me to the Lord, had it not been for the fact that I had been filled in the Holy Spirit, I would have been dead or destroyed by now. The Holy Spirit pulled me through.
He is a powerful force, He is a Spirit of hope, authority, wisdom, knowledge of God, fear of the Lord, council, might and much , much more.

Jesus, reform Your church to reform the land. Father, help us, Holy Spirit give us wisdom. Be poured out again in our midst, in our families. Lord, we cry for salvation in families in Jesus name. Help us to take the commission seriously and help us to speak boldly to the youth and to speak boldly to the families. Father soften the hard hearts so they can receive the seed of faith, the seed of salvation and let us never give up, in Jesus name.

Look at Harvester Church Halifax
Harvester Church Birmingham
Harvester Church Olifants Rivier Vallei
Harvester Church Pretoria
Harvester Church Milnerton - /
(c) Celeste Glass

You're the most faithful One I know
You never give up on me
And Your determination shows
When I am weak
I will tell the whole world what I know about You
I will spread Your fame wherever I go to
I can't shake Your hand
But I will go to other lands
That's my way of saying:
    "Thank You"
(c) Yvette Pelser Harvester Reformational Church Cape Town 2011

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