Jesus never fails

As many may have noticed, on my last page I wrote about faith and patience and clearly I wrote it to remind myself to push through in trusting for something. Well, I'd like to inform you, once again, Jesus was right and believing on Him paid off as it always does!

I was writing regarding one of my children and my battles as a mother and also a home schooling mom.
We felt the Lord lead us to take our children out of school in 2007 and from there on we have home educated them. It has been a bit of a bumpy road but a very blessed one none the less.
At the beginning of this year one of our children made it known they'd like to return to school. It was a confirmation for me as I had felt I need to have my child evaluated regarding their learning abilities. It turned out to be more devastating news than I had anticipated. My child was diagnosed with severe dyslexia to the point of borderline autism.
As the lady who diagnosed him is a Christian and very fervently guards against self fulfilling prophesies, she didn't put it so drastically in her report. Which was the wisdom of God as far as I see it, for we have seen the changes prayer, laying on of hands, anointing and prophesy has done in our child's life, together with the fact that we keep all our children actively involved in the church we are part of. We sacrifice every Tuesday evening to drive them 30min away to youth, for every first or last Saturday of the month there is a collective youth and band meeting at church we make an effort to get them there (some times it doesn't work, but most of the time we plan everything around that), we take them to the youth camps, we take them with to all the church conferences, meetings and summits and they attend church with us no questions asked. With this, because of the Word of God being preached accurately through His apostles prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors, we have seen how the Word of God has washed our children, set them free, given understanding way beyond their years. Helped them in predicaments. The Word of God changes lives, there is NOTHING like it! We apply it as a family as best we know how, we teach our children in every situation, when there's an argument we teach them why the argument was wrong or unnecessary etc. The Word must be the most natural way of life for them.

It is because of this foolishness of preaching that I am able to testify today.

This particular child has been a life and death battle ever since conception, but I believe, because of the preaching from yesterday (which I will share on a bit, later) It is broken. My late husband and I were part of a work in Germany. Many things happened and when our trials, tribulations, persecutions, tests, troubles and temptations were at their worst, I conceived. I asked God regarding this child and made a covenant that I will raise this child to the glory and work of the Lord. I nearly lost this child twice during pregnancy. Their life was at high risk from week 12 to 32 and I was placed on bed rest so as to not risk loosing the baby. I fell on my stomach at 40 weeks. This child was born and became very very ill, and so we spent another 3 days in hospital after having been there for 5 days already. At about 3 weeks this child just stopped breathing for no apparent reason, the paramedics in Germany are VERY fast, within seconds they practically broke down the door and the pediatric on board helped. And so it has been a journey for many years. Head injuries that caused massive memory loss. Traumatic experiences through the hands of ignorant family members. And more stories, enough to write a book.
We have received prophetic warnings and heeded them. Over the years I asked God, why, more than any of my other children is the battle over this child so fierce? He showed me and at a time when I feel this child not too vulnerable for the information to be shared I will share. But the point I want to make is, I asked for understanding and I got it. Ask for understanding and you WILL receive it.

So, back to why I started this. We prayed about what to do and what would be best not just for this child but for the entire family as I am still home schooling the other children. We felt lead to enroll our child in an ELSEN School (Remedial School). We went to one I believed the Lord showed us and after months of waiting we found out last week Tuesday they were full and have a years long waiting list. And so do all the other remedial schools. We needed a miracle. I prayed, phoned my husband and he prayed and we both felt we need to try a specific school before we go into a total panic.(I also let my are leader know so they can pray for us for wisdom in our next move) So I did, they told me to get the forms there by Wednesday as the board would sit on Friday to review applications. Wednesday morning I was at the first school picking up forms and by lunch time I was at the new school. The Lord orchestrated it that the principal of the school was in the reception area when I arrived and he greeted me and asked if I am enrolling my child there and I said "yes I am and by faith in Jesus they will have them there next year".
At woman's meeting the Thursday evening, prophet Nola reminded us very passionately again how important the work of the Holy Spirit is. He is our Helper, Guide, Wisdom, Strength, Knowledge, Fear of the Lord, Obedience and much much more. I got up and testified how the Holy Spirit had lead us on this journey and how, no matter the outcome, I know God's ways are higher than ours, His thoughts and plans are higher and better than ours, for He holds everything in His hands. (Let me just say, I never thought I had made a mistake in going to the first school where we did not get place, it was all part of this journey of faith we are all on.)

Yesterday apostle AJE again preached on the force of faith and reminded us of the centurion who at the word of Jesus believed and his servant was healed. And he said, that thing that is like a dying servant in our lives, a business, finances, healing, relationships, future, etc, to at the Word of Jesus receive it healed, restored and fully functional. The last time he preached this, I trusted that at the Word of Jesus my child will get placing, this time I trusted that in the name of Jesus and at this Word spoken through His apostle my child has a place and is forever free of this spirit of death and destruction that has tried to ruin them.

Today at about 13:00, we received a call from the school, and the news.....our child is officially a pupil fr 2012!!!!
Praise the Lord!! Thank You Jesus!!!!
Only by faith in the name of Jesus. Only by waiting and entering the rest of faith can we enter the promises as in Hebrews 4. This was a miracle. Jesus is our great and effectual door, and I understand something new today, Jesus is the door. We need to go through Him to get to the Father, right. So if He is the door in that regard, then if I don't go through Jesus into the thing I want to venture into, I did not go through the door, but came like a thief, trying to claim something that I cant have lest I go through the door. So, acknowledging Him in my needs, my decisions, my plans, desires, ALL my ways, He will direct my path by being the door for me to walk through. He, the Door, kept that spot open, that's what a door does. It makes an opening for us to go through a wall. Hallelujah. I understand a bit more of my salvation!

Thank You Jesus for accurate teaching, for Your Word which is the final authority. Thank You for Your church! Where would we be without the body of Christ.
The apostles and prophets and other leaders who lay down their lives to teach us. Who labor in love through prayer, patience and encouragement till we receive our promises and see the hope of our calling.

So, whatever your battle, whatever you are facing, whatever you have been waiting for, the God of Hope will give it to you in the perfect timing for your life. Believe it, receive it by faith like Abraham in Romans 4. He believed God who promised will also bring it to pass. We can only do what He tells us to do, then we need to wait till it comes to pass.
Here's the good news, it is already done. It's been a finished work from the start, we are merely discovering it.Isaiah 26:12
I love You Jesus! I love You Holy Spirit, thank You for leading and guiding and for reminding me of all that Jesus has taught us. Thank You Father for being there and for understanding. Thank You for Your church, and Your Word and Your sent ones who preach so we may believe and know how to live.
I love You Lord and dedicate myself and my family to you anew this night. We are Yours.
(c) Celeste Glass

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