Through Faith and Patience

Faith - Patience - Endurance - Perseverance = These go together.

We have hopes, desires, dreams and promises and as we go through life we expect to see these come to pass at some or other point. With us humans it's normally rather immediately than later.....
Isn't it just like us when we have an idea, or a promise or something that looks like it is a solution presented for a area of concern in our lives, that we want it immediately. Not a day later, a week, month, year or even years later, no, we want it and we want it now!
Doesn't God understand that our situation is desperate! Doesn't He get that we are suffering and struggling through every day!

How arrogant and ignorant.

On Friday last week I was invited to lecture at the very Bible College I had myself attended in 1996. The chapter in the manual I was given to lecture on was Faith (Fruit of the Spirit by Miracle Bible College). It was such a timely exercise on Gods part. As I was going through the chapter in preparation for class I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of some of the sermons preached by the leaders in the church over the last three years or so. Reading through it I was made aware of how much God has done in my life over the past 15 years. I HAD to learn to be patient and so exercise my faith together with patience. I had to learn to endure much suffering and to persevere through the suffering to get to a place where, even though I don't have all the promises and desires and dreams manifest yet, I am at rest KNOWING that the God who promised them will also bring it to pass. (Romans 4:21)

Apostle Andre Pelser ministered on the 1 February 2008 on Making Mission Impossible Possible.
1) Know what your mission is - define your mission (write down those things you hope, trust, believe for and look like impossibilities, look like things that can just not be attained)

2) Obey the Lord and do not be rebellious - obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit even if it is things you didn't plan, just do it else your mission becomes impossible. When we obey it becomes possible.

3) Need encouragement - if you do not have someone to encourage you then learn to encourage yourself in the Lord. remind yourself of prophesies, the Word and prophetic prayers.

4) Have a fierce determination to succeed - else you will give up at the first hurdle you face. Believe beyond what you hear and see. The things we see continually change so look in the realm of the Spirit and see your success by the eyes of faith.

5) Be prepared to go through suffering to succeed - the thing you are prepared to suffer through and suffer for is the thing at which you will succeed.
The glory will outweigh the suffering. If you do not suffer for it you will not be successful at it.  Life has its storms. Lay a good foundation then when the storms come your house will stand.
Don't look at the rubbish being carted away but at the building that's going up. He is building the character of Christ in our lives. If I never have a problem then how will I know God can solve it? 
Many are the troubles of the righteous but God delivers him out of them all. Stop complaining about the things you don't like to do.

6) Must know the promises - you must know what God is promising you.
Instead of complain, say thank you.
Nothing just happens, you have to make it happen - Joshua 1:7 - 10 observe what to do and then make your way prosperous.
Know where your source of encouragement lies. 

This comes out of the life of Christ Is.49 on wards. The Messiah had an impossible mission, to set up a Kingdom that will never end. He trusted fallible human beings. He was so sure to succeed that He wrote it down for us to go on with. Is 53 suffer for it.

Going through this reminded me to not give in to the storm we are facing now. Not to be moved by the bumps in the road, to  remember, God in His infinite wisdom, knows what is going on and knows what to do about it. He already has the solution, I'm merely discovering it. 
Psalm 139 - all that concerns us has already been written, we are learning the Script. The work has already been completed we are unwrapping it. The destination is already established, we are on the journey there.
Don't give up, don't give in. We are in His hands, safe and secure. We are in the boat with Jesus and He is peacefully "sleeping" because He knows as long as He is with us the wind and waves can not sink our boat. I will not be of little faith for at His word it IS so. At His word and the authority in His name it IS so. I am His servant, I shall succeed at whatever I do and have good success.

Thank You Jesus for being our ever present Help in need.
(c) Celeste Glass

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