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Precious family moment

21 December 2011
When I woke to the sound of chirping birds instead of the usual traffic noise of rushing cars on their way to drop children at school and get to work on time, a refreshing idea popped into my head; 'Let's go to World of Birds today.'

So, as my four little me's got out of bead with big yawns and puffy eyes, hair in various directions and this first words, "Morning mom, can I have breakfast please?", I announced this wonderful idea. To my absolute hearts content they all suddenly became wide awake and enthusiastically declared, 'Yes mom, thats great!'

Off we went. First stop was at the Clay Cafe in Hout Bay where we fetched our baked and glazed crockery we made there weeks ago. Delighted and with bright eyes the children wrapped and loaded their art work and discussed when they would first use it. With them all satisfied we moved on to World of Birds.
What an amazing experience!
I don't use words like 'amazing'; 'awesom…

Hit by a Tsunami of adolescent emotions/behaviour

When you have three teenagers and one "baby" or foundation phase person........
NOTHING can prepare you!!!!

After going through what feels like an eternity of chaos, (which is the only way to describe it) and feeling like an absolute failure as a mother and a believer of Jesus, I pick up Dr. James Dobson's Strong-Willed Child, and open at the chapter titled "The Strong-Willed Adolescent (Is there any other kind?), and now I am breathing a little lighter.
I'm gaining some understanding that not all of the behavior I see and experience is entirely as a result of my inadequacy in parenting skills, but in all truth it IS a biological metamorphosis that I have no control over! All the years of teaching and disciplining and guiding and instructing and most of all LOVING, meaning - being patient, having self control, mercy, grace and looooooooooooong suffering. Yip, sounds drastic I know, but let me tell you in my experience, this is MUCH tougher than when all three h…

God's Rewards

"You have lived miracles, Celeste"
The words of a dear friend and also mentor, a month ago as we were discussing home schooling, child rearing and life in general. She is an anointed teacher of the Word and I love drawing fresh perspective from her on things I don't always understand myself. Although we are the same age, the Lord has blessed her with wisdom beyond her years and an understanding for children like very few mothers our age have.
I pondered these words of hers and as I did the Lord opened up so much for me to see and to look more to the things we are grateful for than the little problem we face and make such an Everest out of. I say "little problem" because to God nothing is hard, He IS God, He doesn't fret over things, He is Almighty!
One of our children was diagnosed with a severe learning disability at the beginning of this year. Life hasn't been easy trying to make sense of it but the Lord's grace is more than suff…