God's Rewards

                 "You have lived miracles, Celeste"
The words of a dear friend and also mentor, a month ago as we were discussing home schooling, child rearing and life in general. She is an anointed teacher of the Word and I love drawing fresh perspective from her on things I don't always understand myself. Although we are the same age, the Lord has blessed her with wisdom beyond her years and an understanding for children like very few mothers our age have.

I pondered these words of hers and as I did the Lord opened up so much for me to see and to look more to the things we are grateful for than the little problem we face and make such an Everest out of. I say "little problem" because to God nothing is hard, He IS God, He doesn't fret over things, He is Almighty!

One of our children was diagnosed with a severe learning disability at the beginning of this year. Life hasn't been easy trying to make sense of it but the Lord's grace is more than sufficient and He has pulled us through.
This son of mine has advanced four grades from March this year to where we are now, with the Lord's help.

It has been no pic-nick getting our heads wrapped around how he thinks, what up sets him or makes him anxious. To learn and understand how his mind works and what affects his emotions. It's been a journey, not easy, but very rewarding in so many levels.
We learned how to rely on the Lord in ways that we may never have been challenged to do before. Things like, and this may sound like a cliche, my child's "condition" does not define my child. My son's identity is in Christ. It is the 'I AM' principle that we live by. There has been more pressure on the Word to be true than ever before. And as God is perfect and the fault is never with Him, we have seen how REAL our God is. He is alive and living and very present in the lives of His saints!
Through out this year as we have been explaining to our son, NOT what's wrong with him, but HOW his mind operates, we have seen him overcome. We have worked meticulously to never let him feel there's something wrong with him, for this we needed to go to God for His wisdom all the time. In our own little minds we will never have the knowledge or be wise enough to carry a pre-teen child who is now at a place where he is asking questions on why he is not like all the other children, is convinced he doesn't fit in any where any more. Doesn't want to be involved in church or youth activities because he is the only one who can't read or write, who needs things explained in a certain way to make sense of it. But over and over the Lords wisdom which is pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy, full of good fruit, without partiality and without hypocrisy has carried us. The Holy Spirit would just give the right answer and explanation for the tear filled questions and despondency. The Holy Spirit would give clear action to take, weather telling us to pray or go somewhere or do something. He was always present and always speaking, a constant Help and Guide.
God has not once forsaken us, He has made room for our son everywhere he has been and in all the things he participates in. Our job was to make sure he sees it.
The Lord uses people, we are His vessels. He used a young boy (almost a young man now) who has gone through many sufferings for his young age, to be the one through whom the Lord makes room for my son in the youth, in the children's activities in church. The Lord has added new members to their weekly youth cell, who love him dearly and really understand and fully accept him. The boys in his club cricket team have embraced him, and they know nothing about his struggles, (one of the "negatives" of this obstacle is he is emotionally far more immature than the general boy his age). As we prayed for his coach during the winter months we saw a change when the cricket came back on in September and we experienced even a change of heart in the coach and saw how he made an extra effort in encouraging and building our son up and help him reach his goals.
The Lord has given his friends in church understanding and grace for him. Understanding establishes us, and as we as parents gained understanding for our son, he gained understanding for himself, and so we became more established in the Truth.
The medical/science world is there to help us understand what we are dealing with, but only the Lord Jesus can heal and give accurate perspective.
The Lord has rewarded my son firstly by him growing and gaining so much ground academically, then it was truly a miracle how he was accepted into a remedial school, and now, he received the sportsman of the year award at cricket.
All through the year we encouraged him that some bud a little later in their sport or other activities than others. We encouraged him to persevere and never give up. Not to look at the success of others from a defeatist perspective but to rejoice with them in their success knowing that he too will have success in a time appointed for him. We encouraged him enjoy the learning process and have fun on the journey instead of just looking for reward, and also to have the Lord open his eyes to rewards that don't necessarily come in the packaging he may have expected it to.
So, because he was faithful, never missed a practice or match, obeyed the instruction of the coaches, encouraged his team, changed his attitude. He now not only improved in fielding especially but was voted sportsman of the year. It is a character award and far more valuable than a physical one. Character is what we are know for and what sticks with us for life, top sports or physical achievement awards come and go and fade away, they last for a brief moment and we can't take them to heaven, but character is something God shapes and lasts a lifetime.
Thank You Jesus for not removing the "problem" but teaching us how to work with You to overcome, to persevere, to learn and to grow. Thank You that You teach us how to rely on You and not ourselves. Thank You for Your church, the Body of Christ without whom we will not survive in life. Thank You that You are alive and living, involved in every area of our lives and that You NEVER give up on us, NEVER leave us nor forsake us. Thank You that You do not leave us hopeless, for You are our hope and our ever present help in need. We love You Jesus!
(c) Celeste Glass

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