Precious family moment

21 December 2011
When I woke to the sound of chirping birds instead of the usual traffic noise of rushing cars on their way to drop children at school and get to work on time, a refreshing idea popped into my head; 'Let's go to World of Birds today.'

So, as my four little me's got out of bead with big yawns and puffy eyes, hair in various directions and this first words, "Morning mom, can I have breakfast please?", I announced this wonderful idea. To my absolute hearts content they all suddenly became wide awake and enthusiastically declared, 'Yes mom, thats great!'

Off we went. First stop was at the Clay Cafe in Hout Bay where we fetched our baked and glazed crockery we made there weeks ago. Delighted and with bright eyes the children wrapped and loaded their art work and discussed when they would first use it. With them all satisfied we moved on to World of Birds.
What an amazing experience!
I don't use words like 'amazing'; 'awesome'; or 'divine'  as common English descriptive words, when I use it, it is to describe the majesticness I see and experience when something grabs me as "God made this". And that is how today went. There are a myriad of cages and pathways to walk through and explore. The exquisite bird species and colors are breath taking. What surprised me most was the amount of cages that were actually open spaces where we walk among these majestic animals. When I was blessed to see a bird right next to my face and observe the detail in the feather textures and lines and direction it lies or curves, the meticulous detail in the spots, or claws etc, I was moved to tears. No man can ever create or make with their mortal hands such extraordinary beauty.
What really took my breath away was when we walked through the birds of prey exhibits and we found ourselves in their territory, so to speak. No fences or nets, just you, nature and these incredible, awesome big creatures. My breath was littraly taken away when we walked through a gate and right into a huge white snowy owl. It just sat there, right in front of me at eye level. We looked each other in the eye for minutes. I just could not stop admiring this beautiful creature, it's big claws that were covered in 'fur', its big yellow eyes gently staring at you, the white coat with perfectly patterned black spots. And then, ever o so softly, the who-hoo, who-hoo. Tears tinkled town my cheeks, who are we to behold such beauty, yet, God has given us rule over them. I thought this was an experience, four doors down, we have a young eagle and six owlets with seating so you can spend a little more time in a more comfortable way. As my daughter goes to sit down, lo and behold, the eagle moves straight to her and bows down at her feet, wings spread out. He didn't peck and look around or nibble at her shoe and then decided to lay down, no, he went to her feet and bowed down, all in one smooth motion. I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say; "All creation bow before the Son of Man" And the tears flowed. My daughter isn't Jesus, but for those few moments, we had the privilege of having a glimpse of what it would look like when Jesus comes. What it must have looked like in the garden of Eden when God came to walk with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day.

After this, we got to experience some light hearted interaction with monkeys! The jumped on my youngest shoulder and lap, one climbed into my eldest's dress pocket and tried out her cell phone, another tried very hard to pry her elastic out of her pony tail while two others thought her shoes were the most fascinating things on earth. My two middle children had a good laugh when about eight monkeys all tried to fit on my sons lap at once and the rest used my daughter as a jungle gym. They were quite a treat!

From here we found the petting zoo area where we found tame kangaroos and well, six mating tortoises. My youngest son, whom I have not yet instructed in the mating behaviors of animals was fascinated by these tortoises who are trying so very hard to climb on top of one another, and at the top of his voice shouts as he is standing next to one of these pairs in mating, and says; "Mommy! Mommy! Come quick, come hear this! I can actually hear it going uh uh uh cause it's trying so hard to stand on top of his friend but it's too hard cause he keeps falling off!" It suffices to say, the entire place was in stitches. He provided the laugh of the day for all present. So as I quietly just say to the parents winking at me "I haven't gotten to explaining that yet", my second eldest feels it her duty as older more educated sister to explain, also at the top of her voice as she was standing at the opposite side of the petting area, "O, no Liam, their mating." Well, he must have been satisfied with the answer as he made no response and moved on to see the South African Bush Buck. (But, the people were still having a good chuckle at this entertaining family that just strode by)
It was an awesome day with my children.
We closed it off with cake and drinks at the Mug
Thank You Father for this amazing creation You made for us to enjoy. Bless His holy name. You are the God of creation, all that has breath worships You.
(c) Celeste Glass

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