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A Body He has prepared for me

At the resent Summit we were asked; “How is God good to you?” The first thing that came to mind was – He has prepared a body for me.

Having representatives from some of the Harvester churches from all over there was such a precious experience. We had, Halifax, Birmingham, Mbombela, Pretoria, Mbekweni, Moreesburg, Olifants Rivier Vallei and Zimbabwe. Spending time with as many of these individuals as I possibly could, was a tremendous honor. Getting to know these ordinary people who are sold out for Jesus.                                                     Pastor Duncan and Harvester Halifax
                                                              Apostle Jan from Olifants Rivier Vallei
                                          Pastor Jean-Pierre with Simbarashe from Zimbabwe
                                          Pastor Phil from P.E. and apostle Alistar from Zimbabwe
                                         Prophet Hilana, apostle Karel, prophet Mime with their Pretoria membe…

Bringing to the Store House

I was asked the question, “Why are you raising funds for Miracle Bible College?” I went to ponder this so as to be able to put it into words, because, I know why I do it, but how do I explain it to others? Here’s how I can answer the question.
When we look at our country, we see how most, to all of the areas of life in South Africa is distorted. We have a choice of what we will spend our energy on to change these distorted areas of life. If we had to make a target board we can write any of the following factors in each ring; Corruption; Violence; Lawlessness; Health; Education; Economy etc. I was pondering this about four  years ago, and the Lord showed me that instead of spending all our energy praying for each individual problem, we should rather aim at the center of the target, which is the church. We have learnt and operate with the understanding that to reform the land you need to reform the church. But what if the church doesn’t want to be reformed? We can pray for churches as muc…

Being part of something bigger than yourself, something eternal………….

In the world today we often hear music groups, film stars, models and the like wake up to certain plights in the world and then dedicating their time and finances to it ‘cause it makes them feel they are part of something bigger than their little world of creating entertainment for the masses and battling personal struggles and conflicts. May God bless them for their efforts, but even that eventually fades away. So what is the ‘something bigger’ we can be part of that has been there forever and will remain for all eternity? How do we become part of it and what does it cost? It is called the Kingdom of God and gets revealed through church and it costs nothing but salvation and a life time commitment to allow God to have Christ formed in you.
I discovered something incredible over the last couple of months and especially the last two weeks. I finally get that I am part of something big and it is eternal and it changes lives, communities and eventually nations. I am part of a church, but no…

Come to the Good News!!!!!

So, excitement is in the air as we head toward the last preparations for the Good News production next week.
I remember when we were in Bible College and we had to spend a week after class cutting, pasting and roping posters and then spend a whole day out in the streets in the area we were hosting a conference and then put up the posters on lamp posts, in shop windows and speak to and evangelize people on the street. Man, it made us feel like we were ready to save the world!
Today, fifteen years and four children later, I was pounding the pavement with the MBC students, some of the pastors, the dean of studies and yes, great privilege, three of my children! We set off in teams and received allocated areas and in the areas we walked two by two just as the disciples of Jesus did and we again, put up poster, handed out leaflets and spoke to people about the hope of Jesus.

And then, something I have never, in my wildest imagination thought Id ever do……. I took up center “stage” in a traf…

The bride of Christ

photos by Jean-Pierre Uys Photography (c)
The importance of church and being part of this ingenious plan of God’s is becoming clearer to me on an ever deeper level and I’d like to share it with all who are willing to listen.

In worship yesterday the Holy Spirit started to sing and as He led us deeper into worship by ministering through His prophet at the piano, and we corporately as a church meditated on the work of Jesus in the earth and on the cross the Lord revealed something new to me in a vision. I first saw the globe and the Lord showed me as we allow the apostles to go all over the world wherever the Lord sends them and there where they are being received lights popped up all over in every nation and when I zoomed in on the lights I saw multitudes of people throw out their hands in worship and surrender to God and I heard all the peoples of the earth sing out in deep Spirit and truth worship to God and though I could not hear the words I h…

Run, with the medal already in your pocket

German Triathlete Sebastian Kienle  2012
What comes to mind when you look at a picture like this?           Athlete           Victory           Joy           Strength           Finish
Now, when I show you this one?           Finished           Victory           Completion 1st Place           Prize           Reward
I have had the privilege of meeting athletes that have accomplished great feats in their sporting life as well as athletes of faith and both have one distinct trait in common – Single-minded vision, focused endurance and absolute dedication to the call. Be it that it is a call for glory in this life, or to see the glory of Christ revealed in the lives of people. We are all in a race of some sort, but as a wise man said one day – “They say we are in a rat race, thing is, the only ones winning, are the rats.” I don’t know about you but I do not want to be in that race! J As an athlete and sports coach myself I have seen and experienced the sacrifices athletes have to make in order to get wher…

One of the most important things I have ever told my children.

That is; “I can never be disappointed in you.”
A year ago, as I was gonging through a tough time, condemning myself for mistakes I had made and how I feel I have disappointed God, the church, my husband and children, the Lord ministers through the apostle in the church as he preached and in his sermon mentioned that Jesus can never be disappointed by us because He knows what is in us and He knows we will make mistakes, and that there will be areas in which we fail. He died for all that remember. And Jesus is not embarrassed by us. We might be embarrassed by ourselves or others, but He isn’t. He knows us because He created us, He sees us daily. He knows what dwells in the heart of man. He died even for the embarrassing things we get up to. I cannot explain the relief that washed over me and the freedom I felt. The freedom of knowing that I can just be me, and obey the Word as best I can and continually resign myself to Jesus and He will do the work and complete it. Now, how about my chi…

Give the youth back to Jesus

"Our past is haunting our youth." 
I read this article online from Times Live SA. It is interesting but I have a few things to say regarding the areas they see as problems.
The time for us to keep quiet about how to get to the true solution for our troubles, just because we believe that no one will hear it, or listen to it, or accept and receive it, is over. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I no longer will keep quiet as long as the Lord can use me to help point people to the solution for all the mountains we face in our country and society. That solution I am talking about is Jesus.
We complain about racism, cultural clashes, acceptance of one another’s beliefs, and we keep shoving the past down our children’s throats. After all this, how on earth can we ever expect that they will grow up accepting and respecting others? We are inclined to explain history to our children from our perspective, and be honest; our perspective is not necessarily neutral. We will tell the story …