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Commissioned to Go, Commanded to Love

We have the wonderful privilege to be part of a church that God uses mainly for the training and equipping of the saints for missions such as church plants, Bible school plants, reformation of the church through apostolic circuit preaching and team ministry to strengthen the churches who are hungry for reform. We are committed to see Christ formed in people and not focused on the size of the church but the depths of Jesus in the people. As a body of believers we are all sent ones in to the area we live and move and have our being, be it school, sport, marketing, sales, medicine, law and the list goes on, therefore Ephesians 4:11 and on is a vital part of our vision. The five ascension gifts Jesus gave to the church so that we are equipped and well trained and able to minister in every sphere of life to bring the lost to Jesus. We don’t focus only on those who are to plant churches or are in ministry, but the greatest part of the church’s work force are the saints, and it is them we eq…

Wisdom justified

My son just returned from his school day with a big smile of satisfaction on his face. As we left to go on holiday the day before the schools officially took a break after a very busy first term, we only received our son’s report card this afternoon, and what a ecstatic surprise it was!
Let me start at the beginning; As a young woman we have no idea what we are in for once we fall pregnant. We have no idea what an adventure we are in for once that little person comes into this world. Even less of an idea the death to self, the un-glorified labor of love, the quiet suffering and the anxieties and fears we are about to face as we embark on this new journey of life. But, when we allow God to shift our focus, reform our view of motherhood and parenting we are also in for a very exciting and utterly gratifying journey. As a young mother I wanted knowledge and understanding but I didn’t want to read books upon books and magazine on magazine and end up confused and not knowing what end is up a…

Fishers of men

We went to Witsand recently and as we entered the quint little village my heart was once more captured by a very old church building as one enters the main road in Witsand. As we left for home again I made a stop in front of this church so I could take pictures and “snoop” around a little so as to find what it is that fascinated me about this little church so much. I tell you, I was not disappointed at the little story the Lord allowed me to see, and therefore I wish to share it with you also, as it was so precious to me.
I walked up to the little gate and had to climb over it to get into the church yard. On the wall was a plaque with the name of the family who built the church and a brief summary of the history surrounding the building there of. It was built by the Barry family in 1849 when Port Beaufort was still a very affluent sea port. It touched me deeply because as it is we as a church are also in the process of buying  land and building our own church building. So seeing the…