Commissioned to Go, Commanded to Love

 We have the wonderful privilege to be part of a church that God uses mainly for the training and equipping of the saints for missions such as church plants, Bible school plants, reformation of the church through apostolic circuit preaching and team ministry to strengthen the churches who are hungry for reform. We are committed to see Christ formed in people and not focused on the size of the church but the depths of Jesus in the people. As a body of believers we are all sent ones in to the area we live and move and have our being, be it school, sport, marketing, sales, medicine, law and the list goes on, therefore Ephesians 4:11 and on is a vital part of our vision. The five ascension gifts Jesus gave to the church so that we are equipped and well trained and able to minister in every sphere of life to bring the lost to Jesus. We don’t focus only on those who are to plant churches or are in ministry, but the greatest part of the church’s work force are the saints, and it is them we equip.
This said one can draw the conclusion that our shepherd and apostle is sent all over the world by the Lord to help and strengthen the churches. God uses him to pioneer new dimensions in the Spirit and open up the mysteries of the gospel to ordinary people who are hungry for Jesus and practical life application of the scriptures, not just knowing what is sin but the HOW of living an accurate and effective Christian life.
Our generation are the first to be exposed to this new way of life and church and family and work, but, our children, the next generation, they grow up with this as being the most normal thing on the earth!
To be in Spirit filled worship that is done in Spirit and in truth according to John 4: 23 - 24   which is interpreted as hearing what the Spirit wants to say to the church at that point in time through the truth of the word of God. They grow up in a place where it is normal to be included in all church activities, the worship, the children dance and sing together with the grownups, when the Spirit of the Lord wants to prophesy through a child they are allowed to be used of the Lord. Children are part of the service they take part in communion; they are filled in the Spirit and speak in tongues often the same time they start speaking sentences. They want to be baptized when they are young, we have experienced children as young as five explain how they want to be baptized into Christ and know what it means. To be in conferences and all night prayer and worship is normal. Church is the most normal thing for our children and they love it. This is the place where friends become brothers and a hunger and thirst for righteousness prevails. They know the apostle is a sent one and that he goes all over the world, they meet those who come here again to learn from us and also impart to us that which we don’t know, a give and take relationship, mutual submission and mutual respect cause no one individual not any one church know it all.
Then it is no surprise that my seven year old decided on Wednesday evening he wants to learn about China NOW!  Thursday morning I get up to having the China calligraphy set neatly packed out and the words, “Mom, today you are going to teach me about China.” So we get all our books that have something of everything China from ancient history to as close to today as I have on hand. We read a little here in a map book, something about their ancient days and then he runs to the book shelf to grab a missionary story called, “Mission to Cathy” which turns out to be one of the earliest names for China – Cathy.
What struck me is the fact that about four or five years ago our apostle expressed his heart for China. The Spirit of the Lord moved in the church and we prayed, wept and prophesied for that great nation. My son was just three back then. Now, the Lord is sending the apostle to China later this year. At home we haven’t spoken about it nor has it been general conversation or announcement material at church either. But the Spirit of the Lord is an amazing thing. I love the Holy Spirit! He is already moving in the hearts and minds of our children to go to nations we don’t even think of or necessarily consider! So my little boy of seven is now feverishly on every ones heels to help him find out about China, ou-sus must hop on the computer and help search for pictures about the great wall of China so he can see and go on a virtual tour. The other sister has to help find pictures so he can copy and draw them. He traces the borders of China from a map book. Here’s the interesting thing, I am NOT doing the teaching or instigating, I’m just here receiving “commands” on what he wants to learn next, and hearing things like; “Mom, I am going to China if it’s the last thing I do!” And this morning after dropping my other son at school I came home to a paper jet pasted with press-stick on the map pointing toward China and an exuberant little person standing on my yellow wood chest going; “Mom! This is us flying to China!”
So it suffices to say, keep our children in church
Keep them as part of everything we do for the Lord
Remember, their spirits are alive and connected with the Lord even if their minds seem to be a little “behind” (What seven year old wants to be a missionary in China?!)
Do not underestimate our children – Psalm 8 Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have established strength (praise) Because of Your enemies, that You may silence the enemy and the avenger.
God’s ways are Awesome and way beyond our limited thinking! He uses the foolish things to confound the wise. That which we have had to wrestle through and be delivered from, the mindset changes and thinking patterns we have had to work through, they inherit so naturally and grow up to know God as the most natural part of their lives. No effort, it’s just normal to believe in Jesus, church is normal and wonderful, worship is natural, loving others is comfortable and easy and I can go on. My little one isn’t the only one. I have friends with sons of fourteen who also at a young age decided on their own to be trained to plant churches in various places, who have a passion for the Lord and His work. Young men and women who are in their teens and very fervent and set on the will and purposes of the Lord for their lives, they hear His voice, prophesy in word, movement and music.
Praise God for godly off spring. We raise them by grace and put our faith in the Lord to help us get the job done right. We are not perfect super human parents, we are ordinary people with everyday struggles like everyone else, BUT, we serve a Awesome, Wonderful, Miracle working Almighty God!!! Hallelujah!

Isaiah 54:13 And all your children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children.

For more on what we do visit or watch clips of services, summits and other teachings and interviews on the ajepelser chanel on youtube. Our latest post is intitled "GO! is 2/3 of GOD"
(c) Celeste Glass

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