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Peacefully blessed weekend away

It was our ten year anniversary in April but as with all big families, hubby and I celebrated with the children at the Spur while driving to sports locations to drop off and fetch in between. Therefore the love of my life decided that this past long weekend was THE perfect time to get away and have a second honeymoon. This was also our first break away in nine years, alone!
We found a quint guest lodge on the beach in De Kelders by the name of ‘The Crayfish Lodge’. This German built, owned and run home was exactly what the ‘doctor’ ordered to enjoy much needed rest and alone time in a place that felt like your very own.
Reinhard and Sandra Kern definitely have the gift of hospitality. There really is a vast difference between someone who can run a successful guest house as a business, have great interior, good food and the best of everything, and then having a place that feels like your very own home that you don’t mind spending all day in. To experience quiet rest that lulls you to sle…