Peacefully blessed weekend away

It was our ten year anniversary in April but as with all big families, hubby and I celebrated with the children at the Spur while driving to sports locations to drop off and fetch in between. Therefore the love of my life decided that this past long weekend was THE perfect time to get away and have a second honeymoon. This was also our first break away in nine years, alone!

We found a quint guest lodge on the beach in De Kelders by the name of ‘The Crayfish Lodge’. This German built, owned and run home was exactly what the ‘doctor’ ordered to enjoy much needed rest and alone time in a place that felt like your very own.

Reinhard and Sandra Kern definitely have the gift of hospitality. There really is a vast difference between someone who can run a successful guest house as a business, have great interior, good food and the best of everything, and then having a place that feels like your very own home that you don’t mind spending all day in. To experience quiet rest that lulls you to sleep not worrying if it’s ok to doze off on the living room couch or recliner by the window, is not something that is available in any run of the mill guest house. Sandra lets you feel like family.
The morning we got up for breakfast we walked into the kitchen and received a warm embrace from Sandra as if we are long lost family returning home. We laughed and conversed gaily over breakfast as if we have known one another for years and years. We were served a fresh and healthy light but very filling breakfast of delicacies that are unique to Sandra. She bakes delicious omelet muffins! Yes, you read right, omelet muffins, no flower in them, mixed exactly like one would prepare an omelet but looks like a muffin, and is light and fluffy and very tasty.  The rest of the menu I will not divulge as you really need to go there and experience it yourself.

Exquisite coffees and a coffee machine that prepares it at the push of a button as well as a wide selection of teas are on the house in the kitchen/ living area. An honesty fridge and bar is available where you receive a sheet with the beverage menu on and you simply mark what you took and at the end of your stay settle the bill.
One can easily spend the entire day in that living area with its tasteful music that is a very wide selection of genres, softly playing in the back ground. A wide selection of art and design, home decor, yachting etcetera books to page through as well as a number of novels to read on long luxurious comfy couches or the fantastic recliner in front of the window overlooking the sea. Or even just laze on the balcony and catch sun. The house lends a feel of “This is my home”.
Sandra comes from a beauty industry back ground and therefore runs a beauty spa facility in her home. So, one can book for massages, many of a range of beauty treatments and skin therapy’s with some of the best cosmetic products available in South Africa and Europe.

The rooms are each uniquely designed to be both luxurious without making you feel that if you miss place something it will be irreparable damage. Bathrooms are designed to be linked with nature so you have that indoor out door nature experience while you bath or shower and be completely private with no fear of unwanted eyes spotting you relax under the warm spray of a hot shower or the steam rising from a hot spa bath. Each room has a ‘his and hers’ bath robe, slippers, towels for the room as well as the beach, towel rail heating, under floor heating and an air-conditioning. Coffee, hot chocolate and teas with a kettle and milk are provided on the house in each room. Then there is a selection of wines, and other cool beverages in the bar fridge in the room at an extra fee. If one does not feel like an early morning breakfast one can request for coffee or tea and a muffin to be brought to your room at a pre-arranged time and then have breakfast later in the morning also pre-arranged.

 Below is room 1 the Huneymoon suit

 View from the bath on to the beach lends the feel your bathing on the beach

 Clearer picture of ones view while in the bath

You are on the edge of the beach with lends the feel of your own private little cove with a trail you can hike up to the Gansbaai harbor.
The pool and outdoor shower make the sea experience complete so that after a dip in the salty waters one can rinse off outside before going to your room or take a dip in the reasonably sized pool.

Pool area

Over the off season there are last minute half price bookings that you can request information for on their web page
Do go and have a stay over it is truly worth the while.

For a millionaires dining experience I’d recommend one visit Jonathan at his restaurant Benguela. This modern minimalistic style restaurant lends the feel of tranquil privacy in your own privately owned restaurant. The owner Jonathan is also your host, waitron and chef. Yip, he does it all, and he does it fantastically. With cleverly designed white drapes that are placed so that each table can feel private and secluded to the rest yet not squished into a small little booth, not only fulfills that purpose very well but at the same time makes it seem that you are in an almost heavenly world.
I have never had peas that melted the way I had at this place. Pea soup that just melts in your mouth not leaving the skin or need to chew is something unheard of to me and to make you want more and more even less so. The 200g sirloin covered in pepper draped with fig and placed in red wine with flower shaped mashed carrot and skinny long green beans………. No words……… heavenly is all I can think of. A chef really knows what he is doing when he doesn’t  ask you how you want your meat done but brings it to you exactly the way you would have wanted it and even less so will you find one who doesn’t drink alcohol be able to recommend the perfect wine for your meal to people who don’t know anything about wine but love your suggestion so much they drive to the wine farm the very next day to get their very own bottle to take home! That is a class of his own. Then comes desert. Chocolate cheese cake. A layer of light, melt in your mouth smoother than butter cheesecake, with a layer of light, slightly coco tasting chocolate mouse, not too sweet, not too creamy, just perfect and then topped with a cream that doesn't taste like cream for it is airy and fluffy. Perfect en to a lovely evening.  
If I had to choose the perfect wedding venue, where all I had to do is arrive, this would be it! The décor is perfect I wouldn’t change a thing. The food is perfect, the space and location are perfect, why look any further?

Over all a very blessed weekend away and though we don’t get to go away much we do eat in great places and visit wonderful hotels and houses, but out of all we have tasted and experienced, these two places are definitely in a league of their own and worth a try.
(c) Celeste Glass

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