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Run, with the medal already in your pocket

German Triathlete Sebastian Kienle  2012
What comes to mind when you look at a picture like this?           Athlete           Victory           Joy           Strength           Finish
Now, when I show you this one?           Finished           Victory           Completion 1st Place           Prize           Reward
I have had the privilege of meeting athletes that have accomplished great feats in their sporting life as well as athletes of faith and both have one distinct trait in common – Single-minded vision, focused endurance and absolute dedication to the call. Be it that it is a call for glory in this life, or to see the glory of Christ revealed in the lives of people. We are all in a race of some sort, but as a wise man said one day – “They say we are in a rat race, thing is, the only ones winning, are the rats.” I don’t know about you but I do not want to be in that race! J As an athlete and sports coach myself I have seen and experienced the sacrifices athletes have to make in order to get wher…

One of the most important things I have ever told my children.

That is; “I can never be disappointed in you.”
A year ago, as I was gonging through a tough time, condemning myself for mistakes I had made and how I feel I have disappointed God, the church, my husband and children, the Lord ministers through the apostle in the church as he preached and in his sermon mentioned that Jesus can never be disappointed by us because He knows what is in us and He knows we will make mistakes, and that there will be areas in which we fail. He died for all that remember. And Jesus is not embarrassed by us. We might be embarrassed by ourselves or others, but He isn’t. He knows us because He created us, He sees us daily. He knows what dwells in the heart of man. He died even for the embarrassing things we get up to. I cannot explain the relief that washed over me and the freedom I felt. The freedom of knowing that I can just be me, and obey the Word as best I can and continually resign myself to Jesus and He will do the work and complete it. Now, how about my chi…

Give the youth back to Jesus

"Our past is haunting our youth." 
I read this article online from Times Live SA. It is interesting but I have a few things to say regarding the areas they see as problems.
The time for us to keep quiet about how to get to the true solution for our troubles, just because we believe that no one will hear it, or listen to it, or accept and receive it, is over. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I no longer will keep quiet as long as the Lord can use me to help point people to the solution for all the mountains we face in our country and society. That solution I am talking about is Jesus.
We complain about racism, cultural clashes, acceptance of one another’s beliefs, and we keep shoving the past down our children’s throats. After all this, how on earth can we ever expect that they will grow up accepting and respecting others? We are inclined to explain history to our children from our perspective, and be honest; our perspective is not necessarily neutral. We will tell the story …

What would be the answer for today's youth crisis?

Below another article re the devastations in our youth today, below the article, my response. Another completely fresh take on SA's issues by Kanthan Pillay (no link available).

Figures released by the Department of Basic Education this month show that 18 pupils in Grade 3 became pregnant in KZN in 2008 and 2009.
Nationally, 94 875 pupils between grade 3 and grade 12 became pregnant during that period.
The report was greeted by the usual howls of outrage speaking of declining moral values as well as berating those taking practical steps to minimize those pregnancies.
For example, The Daily News and its sister papers reported that: "Education experts in KwaZulu-Natal have expressed concern at the distribution of condoms in primary schools, saying it could send the wrong message to pupils.
"They warned that instead of solving the problem of pupils falling pregnant, handing out the contraceptives would encourage them to engage in sexual intercourse."
The fact is that morality…