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Come to the Good News!!!!!

So, excitement is in the air as we head toward the last preparations for the Good News production next week.
I remember when we were in Bible College and we had to spend a week after class cutting, pasting and roping posters and then spend a whole day out in the streets in the area we were hosting a conference and then put up the posters on lamp posts, in shop windows and speak to and evangelize people on the street. Man, it made us feel like we were ready to save the world!
Today, fifteen years and four children later, I was pounding the pavement with the MBC students, some of the pastors, the dean of studies and yes, great privilege, three of my children! We set off in teams and received allocated areas and in the areas we walked two by two just as the disciples of Jesus did and we again, put up poster, handed out leaflets and spoke to people about the hope of Jesus.

And then, something I have never, in my wildest imagination thought Id ever do……. I took up center “stage” in a traf…

The bride of Christ

photos by Jean-Pierre Uys Photography (c)
The importance of church and being part of this ingenious plan of God’s is becoming clearer to me on an ever deeper level and I’d like to share it with all who are willing to listen.

In worship yesterday the Holy Spirit started to sing and as He led us deeper into worship by ministering through His prophet at the piano, and we corporately as a church meditated on the work of Jesus in the earth and on the cross the Lord revealed something new to me in a vision. I first saw the globe and the Lord showed me as we allow the apostles to go all over the world wherever the Lord sends them and there where they are being received lights popped up all over in every nation and when I zoomed in on the lights I saw multitudes of people throw out their hands in worship and surrender to God and I heard all the peoples of the earth sing out in deep Spirit and truth worship to God and though I could not hear the words I h…