The bride of Christ

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The importance of church and being part of this ingenious plan of God’s is becoming clearer to me on an ever deeper level and I’d like to share it with all who are willing to listen.

In worship yesterday the Holy Spirit started to sing and as He led us deeper into worship by ministering through His prophet at the piano, and we corporately as a church meditated on the work of Jesus in the earth and on the cross the Lord revealed something new to me in a vision.
I first saw the globe and the Lord showed me as we allow the apostles to go all over the world wherever the Lord sends them and there where they are being received lights popped up all over in every nation and when I zoomed in on the lights I saw multitudes of people throw out their hands in worship and surrender to God and I heard all the peoples of the earth sing out in deep Spirit and truth worship to God and though I could not hear the words I hear the sound and it was a new sound. A beautiful clear and full new sound, resounding through the earth in worship and adoration to the Holy One.

Then as we meditated some more, as David taught to Sela in worship, the Lord showed me the altar in front of Him in heaven where Jesus came to present His blood to the Father after His crucifixion. And then I saw a man, Jesus, and in front of Him stood a woman, the church, and He took a sponge, the kind we ladies use to apply our make-up, it’s very soft. And He dipped the sponge in His blood on the altar, and as He wiped the blemishes off the face of His bride the blood turned into water, like the blood and water that came from His side, and gently He washed away the spots, blemishes and wrinkles on the woman, His bride.
As I was looking at the beautiful picture I heard the Lord say to me, “I am cleansing my bride globally. Through the sending of My apostles I align what is out of order. I save whole works, whole churches are being saved. There where people are grafted in and they are knit together in love in a body, there as I clean the church they also are being cleansed.”  
Ephesians 5:25 - 27
A holy church is made up out of holy people and God makes us holy by washing us. It is the washing of the Water of His Word that washes us clean. This washing takes place as more and more of the Kingdom is revealed to us. We are washed clean the deeper our understanding of the work of Jesus becomes. The cleansing takes place with every new revelation we have of Jesus and who He is to us and what He has done for each of us individually and corporately as a church. The cleansing takes place corporately.
The church is God’s genius at work in the earth and He is cleansing her and preparing her for the coming of His Son.
If we want healing, help, understanding, forgiveness, knowledge, and whatever needs we may have, to be free from our past, to be free from hurts and other strongholds, to be corrected and realigned with the word of God and His plans and designs for our lives, then we need to begin to allow the Father to reveal Jesus through His church to us. We need to allow the Father to reveal to us how He works through His church to get the job done. We need to allow Him to add us and build us into a local church where we can function actively and accurately, and as churches we need to acknowledge Jesus as the head of the church, not our plans and good ideas, and we need to give over to Him. Give over to the Master’s plan and we will be astounded at what He does in the church and in the people. The members of the body do not belong to the leaders God has placed in the church, they belong to Jesus, our leaders are under shepherds to the Great Shepherd of our souls, and we ought to submit to them, for they represent Jesus and He placed them in that authority because that is how He made them to function. We need to submit to the way God has created us to function and do it as unto the Lord and not looking for the praises of man. Then there is peace in the church when everyone recognizes their share and does it to the best of their ability.
Allow Jesus to build His church, allow Him to present His bride without spot or wrinkle, holy before the Lord. And He does this through His apostles. We have to acknowledge that apostles are still here. The apostles didn't die out with Paul and John, it is part of the anointing Jesus left in the earth, together with the prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. A church functions and flourishes best when it has an apostle or relates to one.
For more understanding on the function of apostles go to and look under sermons for both printable notes and audio recording, and on the products tab you will find the book ‘God’s Genius’ which explains how to function according to God’s original plan for church according to the book of Acts and also for understanding of the different function of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers and how the dynamic of these toward each other also works. In this book one will also see depths of worship, prophesy and much, much more.
(c) Celeste Glass

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