Come to the Good News!!!!!

So, excitement is in the air as we head toward the last preparations for the Good News production next week.
I remember when we were in Bible College and we had to spend a week after class cutting, pasting and roping posters and then spend a whole day out in the streets in the area we were hosting a conference and then put up the posters on lamp posts, in shop windows and speak to and evangelize people on the street. Man, it made us feel like we were ready to save the world!
Today, fifteen years and four children later, I was pounding the pavement with the MBC students, some of the pastors, the dean of studies and yes, great privilege, three of my children! We set off in teams and received allocated areas and in the areas we walked two by two just as the disciples of Jesus did and we again, put up poster, handed out leaflets and spoke to people about the hope of Jesus.

And then, something I have never, in my wildest imagination thought Id ever do……. I took up center “stage” in a traffic department where people were cueing and slumping on chairs waiting irritably to pay fines, renew licenses etc. And I seized the moment!!!!!
I planted my feet hip width apart, breathed deeply, looked everyone in the eye and with a very polite voice lifted up my A5 version of the Good News poster in full color and announced…… “Well, while everyone here looks so bored and frustrated…..I’m here to bring you some Good News, you look like you can use it!”  Some laughed; others dove into their cell phones some smirked and others trying very hard not to show interest couldn’t keep their eyes off the colorful mini poster. So as I had everyone’s attention I asked if they weren’t maybe tired of driving past lamp post for lamp post of bad and depressing news, telling us there are no jobs, crime is increasing etc. wouldn’t they like to hear something new? I pointed to the “lamp stand” on the picture and said; “Well, this lamp is also done with bad news, in fact, she’d love to run from it, but she’s here to have the good news strapped to her and to light the way! Do any of you like theater productions? Well here’s an exciting dance and drama show you can bring the whole family to. We will perform from the 6 to 8 August at 7:30pm for R20,00 a person and children under 12 for free. So who’d like to hear some true life good news happenings, where Jesus turned around the lives of people who felt it was inside out.”  I asked who’d love to have my very last leaflet, and one person jumped forward and took it! Yeay!

Man, am I glad for all the teaching we receive and all the testimony’s and examples of how to live and be bold. Once more, with every person I met, spoke to even the ones who resisted, I realized how precious and how wonderful salvation through Jesus is. Once more it became so much clearer how real this salvation is. The love of God that leads us to repentance, His goodness that leads us to repentance, His longsuffering is our salvation. How self-less salvation is. I lost myself in the Awesomeness of allowing God’s Holy Spirit send me to people, His grace, mercy and love open my mouth so I may speak, His longsuffering toward me opened my eyes to see the need of others and make myself available to the Lord.
One of the apostles preached on Sunday and said, they prophesied in the week the breaking off of an inconvenience to reach out to others. It touched me and liberated me and today I could flow. I watched again the DVD recordings of the Refining Worship conference and the Love of God the prophet of the Lord spoke of awakened my heart to the cry of people, the desperateness even of those who do not yet know how desperate they actually are.

To see my children boldly speak to people, and loving it! They loved going up to people and presenting them with hope. Isaiah says, “And a little child shall lead them” How amazing it was to see that today. What a privilege to be saved, what a privilege to be part of the body of Christ, what a privilege to be built into a church. Today was such a great reminder of why we are saved, to spread the Good News of Jesus, of who He is and how much the Father and Jesus love us.

Let us never grow cold and let us be lamps filed with good news overflowing, let our mouths not spread bad, devastating destructive news, let out lips spread good news, news of a future in Christ, news that says therefore we have hope for we know we have a future in Jesus. News of everlasting life.  News that the church of Jesus is an eternal church.  News of immovable peace  in Jesus. News of the righteousness, peace and joy of the Kingdom.
So come, come to the Good News! Come and share in the Good News of Jesus. Come, taste and see that the Lord is good!

(c) Celeste Glass

Good News at the Bellville Civic Theater, Monday 6 to Wednesday 8 August 2012 at 19:30. R20 per ticket and children u/12 come for free.

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