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Being part of something bigger than yourself, something eternal………….

In the world today we often hear music groups, film stars, models and the like wake up to certain plights in the world and then dedicating their time and finances to it ‘cause it makes them feel they are part of something bigger than their little world of creating entertainment for the masses and battling personal struggles and conflicts. May God bless them for their efforts, but even that eventually fades away. So what is the ‘something bigger’ we can be part of that has been there forever and will remain for all eternity? How do we become part of it and what does it cost? It is called the Kingdom of God and gets revealed through church and it costs nothing but salvation and a life time commitment to allow God to have Christ formed in you.
I discovered something incredible over the last couple of months and especially the last two weeks. I finally get that I am part of something big and it is eternal and it changes lives, communities and eventually nations. I am part of a church, but no…