Being part of something bigger than yourself, something eternal………….

In the world today we often hear music groups, film stars, models and the like wake up to certain plights in the world and then dedicating their time and finances to it ‘cause it makes them feel they are part of something bigger than their little world of creating entertainment for the masses and battling personal struggles and conflicts. May God bless them for their efforts, but even that eventually fades away.
So what is the ‘something bigger’ we can be part of that has been there forever and will remain for all eternity? How do we become part of it and what does it cost?
It is called the Kingdom of God and gets revealed through church and it costs nothing but salvation and a life time commitment to allow God to have Christ formed in you.

I discovered something incredible over the last couple of months and especially the last two weeks. I finally get that I am part of something big and it is eternal and it changes lives, communities and eventually nations. I am part of a church, but not just church, no, I have become part of a legacy that I didn’t have to pioneer and that my children and children’s children and many more of my generations after me can continue in until Jesus comes. All it took was for me to choose to enter in. And I’d like to share with you how amazing this is and how I came to see it.
I was added to the body where I fellowship in 1996. Here I met my husband we got married, we did Bible College, were ordained, were sent out, had children, my husband passed away I returned, the Lord gave me to another man, we also both function and receive training here together with our children. I have been part of this spiritual house for sixteen years now.
In May of 2009 we held a conference to refine the worshipper (not just worship bands, musicians and dancers, but every member of the body of Christ is a worshipper). We called it Refining Worship. At this conference apostle Andre showed us the legacy of worship we as members of this body can enter into. He showed us from the first person in his family line who entered fulltime ministry and explained to us what each generation gave up to choose the foolishness of preaching instead of the riches of financial success in malty million Rands worth of business (I am not saying being a successful business man is wrong, please continue reading then you’ll see where I’m going). Then he showed us little similarities e.g. the age his mom was when she started playing piano and then leading worship in church, what age his wife, prophet Nola was when she started and also his daughter in grace teacher Chantal. He showed us how each of them were trained and prepared by the Lord in different places at different times yet all to the same purpose and how God brought them all together to where we were that day and still are today. He showed us that we can enter into that legacy just by submitting to the training through the leaders in the church and allowing them to teach us and train us. I was very moved by this and thought I understood it. I realized last week, I didn’t understand it until Tuesday evening 7 August 2012.

Here’s how my eyes opened.
My eldest daughter reached a mini crisis at the beginning of the year feeling she lacked direction and commitment to something and just generally felt she doesn’t know what she wants or likes to do. After a mini coaching session between mother and daughter we pinned down a few interests, then we talked about the pros and cons. She was worried that if she tackled something and then found out a month or so later that she didn’t like it that she’d quit again. You see she used to dance, then quit, then go back and quit again, yet she still yearns to dance she just didn’t know what style of dance she really wanted to do, but she knew she didn’t want to do ballet. So we prayed, as we did the Holy Spirit convicted me that I should put pressure on His promise that the Father created church in such a way that it fills up in us and for us that which we lack. We repented and put pressure on that promise and asked the Lord to make a way for my daughter to dance through the church. This was a Wednesday morning on that Sunday the dance teacher in the church prophet Lynette came to me and invited Rebekah to audition to fill a dance role in the production they were working on. She went the Monday, the Lord helped her and she became part of the cast.
Two weeks ago, in preparation for the performance of this production we did a evangelism and awareness outreach in the streets of Bellville to invite people to the Good News performance which portrays real life testimonies of the work of Jesus in lives of people and communities all over the world. My three younger children participated in this whole heartedly. In fact they asked and practically pleaded with me to allow them to come with and as we arrived they chose the groups they wanted to walk with and off they went. According to the people in the groups they were with they were bold and not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus and spoke openly to people and invited them to the production.
During last week as we hosted the production I had a daughter on stage dancing or I should actually say ministering through the dance, I had my husband helping in whatever they needed him to do (he usually runs the sound but as he works full time the Lord sent a student to college who loves sound and as a church we now help him in his training as a sound engineer so he now takes the load off my hubby by being available permanently while my husband works during the week and then still fulfills his part on weekends) our younger children helped wherever they could from cleaning, packing, unloading, stacking, to food sales and ushering. I did photos and filming.
And then it suddenly dawned on me…… We HAVE entered this legacy of working in the Kingdom! Of doing the work of ministry!
You see, even after hearing the revelation of entering into the legacy of worship or ministry, even after having been functioning in the church for 16 years, I still had this picture of having to be in fulltime ministry myself in other words being a full time preacher before my children can have this family legacy of worshippers. I had a misconception of having to give up everything and planting a church and taking care of a congregation and THEN we are doing the work of the Lord, the work of ministry and also only THEN can my children enter into ministry.Here we were, all six of us, ministering to people and to the Lord. 
I don’t have to plant a church to function as a minister of His word, I have to just be myself, allow the Holy Spirit to direct me and then do as He asks, and right there I am doing the work of ministry. Ministering in my sphere of influence, which at this time is wife, mother, home maker, prophet and swimmer. And my children are also already ministering. They already have the desire to work for the Lord in any way and capacity He so chooses. Because the apostles the Lord has set over us have been so transparent and honest and real, our children know the costs involved. They know the suffering, persecution, troubles, tests and temptations are not swear words in the Christian faith, but part and parcel of what we go through in life. It is part of what God allows for us to be trained and prepared by. And you know what, they want it. They want to be used of God. They want to go into all the world and make disciples and baptize people in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As young as they are they are already talking of planting churches in China, Germany, England, America and more. They want to go to Bible College to be trained to share the gospel in a more excellent way.

Now I do what I have always done, but with understanding! David wrote in the Psalms, worship the Lord with understanding – now I understand this form of worship also, and now I can fulfill this part of worship accurately for I understand it a little more now.
Ministry means I lay down my life and my body as a living sacrifice to the Lord, holy and pleasing unto Him. It means I don’t count my life my own, it belongs to Him now, and what He asks of me and what He wants me to do that I obey, that is the ministry to which I have been called. That is me being part of something bigger, something eternal. Amen.

(c) Celeste Glass
For , ‘The Legacy of Worship’ go to and go to Refining Worship Conference 2009.
For further insight on functioning in a church order God’s Genius also available from Pelser media.
If you want to experience all of this or come and press in deeper into God and His Word there will be a summit held in October this year, details on the photo below.

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