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Bringing to the Store House

I was asked the question, “Why are you raising funds for Miracle Bible College?” I went to ponder this so as to be able to put it into words, because, I know why I do it, but how do I explain it to others? Here’s how I can answer the question.
When we look at our country, we see how most, to all of the areas of life in South Africa is distorted. We have a choice of what we will spend our energy on to change these distorted areas of life. If we had to make a target board we can write any of the following factors in each ring; Corruption; Violence; Lawlessness; Health; Education; Economy etc. I was pondering this about four  years ago, and the Lord showed me that instead of spending all our energy praying for each individual problem, we should rather aim at the center of the target, which is the church. We have learnt and operate with the understanding that to reform the land you need to reform the church. But what if the church doesn’t want to be reformed? We can pray for churches as muc…