A Body He has prepared for me

At the resent Summit we were asked; “How is God good to you?” The first thing that came to mind was – He has prepared a body for me.

Having representatives from some of the Harvester churches from all over there was such a precious experience. We had, Halifax, Birmingham, Mbombela, Pretoria, Mbekweni, Moreesburg, Olifants Rivier Vallei and Zimbabwe. Spending time with as many of these individuals as I possibly could, was a tremendous honor. Getting to know these ordinary people who are sold out for Jesus.
                                                    Pastor Duncan and Harvester Halifax
                                                              Apostle Jan from Olifants Rivier Vallei
                                          Pastor Jean-Pierre with Simbarashe from Zimbabwe
                                          Pastor Phil from P.E. and apostle Alistar from Zimbabwe
                                         Prophet Hilana, apostle Karel, prophet Mime with their Pretoria members
                                         Katie from Cape Town, Mary from Birmingham and apostle Karel and             
                                         prophet Hilana from Pretoria

In the first evenings worship I was just crying and I couldn’t explain really why, the tears just flowed down my cheeks. The next moment prophet Graham from Birmingham with his grandson on his hip calls me out from where I was standing to join in the dance (I am one of the dance leaders in the church but since the trouble with my knee I haven’t been able to join in the dance and it was not healed up jet at the Summit) I took his hand as he guided me to the dance floor where the entire group was moving as one man, and he suddenly just laid hands on me and prayed for healing, rebuked fear of any further injury and the rest I didn’t even hear cause by then I was really crying as I hadn’t been aware I was fearing but as he spoke it by the Spirit of the Lord it made perfect sense. At the same time I saw my broken body before the Lord, unable to do anything, and then I saw the body of Christ, glorious, and working on my behalf. That moment he took my hand was like Jesus taking my hand and like a gentleman leading a lady to the dance floor for a dance in a royal court, He danced with me. I experienced what we will one day feel as the bride of Christ when He comes to fetch us as His bride and we dance together in the courts of the King, Hallelujah.

That evening when we all turned in for the night I was experiencing severe cold like I’ve only experienced after swimming Robin Island, and my entire body was acing even though I had had prayer for the pain before we adjourned. As I lay tucked under duvet and blanket dressed in my husband’s wind breaker and having put my youngest in bed next to me to stay warm, I became so aware of the body of Christ again, but this time I was taken up out of my bed and in the center of a cloud of witnesses, a cloud of saints and I experienced how they were praying for me and I became warm and fell asleep peacefully for all pain and cold and coughing left my body.

During mealtimes I decided to keep to the generous listening we were made aware of at the opening meeting and I was so touched by the lives around me. Such riches. The church is full of precious gemstones. The church is full of riches for us to enjoy. The riches in the saints of God. He has given us everything through His church if we are willing to let Him open our eyes to see and unblock our ears to hear.

On the last evening as I came out of the main hall on my way to hot chocolate and coffee and biscuits prophet Hilana from Pretoria exuberantly said, “Ai Celeste, here we’ve learnt about helping each other and I don’t know what to do for you! You are wobbling along down the stairs and can’t even lean on me.” I replied it’s easier leaning forward on the steel bar than to try and lift myself up and lean at the same time on someone my height, but thanks for being willing and for caring. So she says, “Well what CAN I do for you then?” And I asked for a cup of hot chocolate. She doesn’t make hot chocolate because she doesn’t drink it, but she made me a cup and it was the best hot chocolate I have tasted ever, because she cared enough to ask. She cared enough make it even though she doesn’t like it herself. That stood out for me so very much. You see I don’t know Hilana other from seeing her at the summits and conferences they can come to, I am not her friend nor have I yet had opportunity to spend with her. But she came to me and loved me.

When we were asked on Wednesday morning how is God good for you, “He prepared a body for me” was what my heart and mind were shouting in unison.

This morning in church as we worshiped I saw a man arise over the earth and the Lord said to me; “The body of Christ is rising up on the face of the earth.” It didn’t rise out of the earth like one would come out of a hole in the ground, no, it rose as one who lay flat on his back and just rises as if someone pulled them up by a string from their head and made them stand. As I lay in bed this afternoon I saw the full picture of what I was experiencing, The body is more than just my local church, it is every one of the churches in the reformation, they are each a joint and a muscle and a ligament doing their share. The more churches follow in the Lords reformation the clearer the body of Christ will become. And the entire body together with the saints in heaven, the spirits of just men made perfect, part of the church of the First born registered in heaven, cheering us on, this entire body was prepared for me. My own body may have been broken for a time, but God had given me a body to lean on, to be part of and this body functions well, part of it is perfect already the rest is being perfected, but we are all joined to the same Head, Jesus.

My prayer for all who read this and for many I know and meet and for all mankind is that each one comes to experience the blessings of being added to a body of believers, an accurate healthy growing church, where Christ is formed in the people and where each one takes a sincere interest in one another. Where we are knit together and grow together every joint supplying its share, till we come to the full measure of the stature of Christ, Amen.

(c) Celeste Glass
For information on when the recordings and dvd’s of the past summit 8 to 10 October 2012 will be ready contact admin@harvesterchurch.org.za, or mbc@harvesterchurch.org.za

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