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Help God with His dream and He will make all your dreams come true beyond your greatest dreams or expectations.

This is as pure a reality in my life as breathing oxygen to live.

God’s dream is to see man restored to Him, that’s why He gave His Son. His dream is the church.
We all have dreams of things we want to do and accomplish, of places we want to go and things we’d like to see or even of the ‘somebodies’ we’d like to become. Some of us will experience those or at least some of those dreams come true, some of us will never get to experience it. But what if there was a way, a key to having those dreams come true. Even if it isn’t all of them, but at least one. Would we like to have that key? I would. And by the grace of God I did find that key. I found it in the church, and here’s how! I had and still have passions and lifelong dreams regarding sporting events or races I would love to do before I am too old or the Father calls me home to heaven one day. They are things that might be silly to others but mean a lot to me, like swimming Robin Island, running the Comrades marathon and doing the…

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Great Christmas Message

Fun and Games

As many of you who read my blog regularly know, I am rather passionate about our youth. Even more so now that the Lord has opened doors for my children in various directions as well as the face book groups I administrate to help both moms with high school children who home school connect and help each other, and a page for teens who home school to connect safely (because I strictly monitor who gets added as well as the content of what they all get up to). It might seem slightly narrow minded, but, we all have a sphere in which we function, or a world in which we live and work. Mine is home education. I’m not an educational specialist, but I do have a unique set of skills and training that give me enough substance to help others. But enough of that for now, let’s get back to my “issue” our youth, or teens, which ever you prefer calling them J As I have moved in these home school circles I came to notice that because it is young in South Africa many families find the high school years da…

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The story of a girl and a horse

In the dark ages when the church was persecuted heavily especially those breaking away from the lies of the Catholic church and its wicked entrapments, parents raised their children for martyrdom. In Lyon France one can read the history when one visits the ruins of the ghastly prisons they would put men, women and children in to await their fate of being tortured or fed to the lions all because of their faith in Jesus Christ. When we read in the Old Testament we see that God required all to stand before Him when Moses instructed the people in the Law of the Lord. These things got me thinking, because at the time of me learning about all this I had just gotten married and I had 3 little children and a baby. It made a very deep impact on me in the way in which I would from then on raise my children. I decided there and then that this is what I would do, because quite honestly, why should I water life down just because we live in a modern age where in most countries in the world you are not…

Blessings that awaken the fear of the Lord

Yes, it's been very quiet on my side..... But then quiet is often a good thing as usually it leaves room for contemplation, or well, what I like to call meditation and refection.

Where exactly to begin is rather difficult as once one sits still and start to reflect on all God has done, one starts to realize that well, just the physical, big, tangible things aren't the important ones, its the deep unseen realities in ones inner recesses that are the true gifts, blessings, increases. The things that one can only see by the fruit it yields in character, a life transformed and continually transforming. A life molded more and more into the image of Christ within us, the hope of glory. But I do want to testify of all the miracles our loving Father has done for us over the last eight months, and I am not doing so cause I'm a prosperity preacher, or to sound like we have discovered it all and this is how you get it. No, my objective is to encourage you and stir up your faith to k…