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Blessings that awaken the fear of the Lord

Yes, it's been very quiet on my side..... But then quiet is often a good thing as usually it leaves room for contemplation, or well, what I like to call meditation and refection.

Where exactly to begin is rather difficult as once one sits still and start to reflect on all God has done, one starts to realize that well, just the physical, big, tangible things aren't the important ones, its the deep unseen realities in ones inner recesses that are the true gifts, blessings, increases. The things that one can only see by the fruit it yields in character, a life transformed and continually transforming. A life molded more and more into the image of Christ within us, the hope of glory. But I do want to testify of all the miracles our loving Father has done for us over the last eight months, and I am not doing so cause I'm a prosperity preacher, or to sound like we have discovered it all and this is how you get it. No, my objective is to encourage you and stir up your faith to k…