Blessings that awaken the fear of the Lord

Yes, it's been very quiet on my side..... But then quiet is often a good thing as usually it leaves room for contemplation, or well, what I like to call meditation and refection.

Where exactly to begin is rather difficult as once one sits still and start to reflect on all God has done, one starts to realize that well, just the physical, big, tangible things aren't the important ones, its the deep unseen realities in ones inner recesses that are the true gifts, blessings, increases. The things that one can only see by the fruit it yields in character, a life transformed and continually transforming. A life molded more and more into the image of Christ within us, the hope of glory. But I do want to testify of all the miracles our loving Father has done for us over the last eight months, and I am not doing so cause I'm a prosperity preacher, or to sound like we have discovered it all and this is how you get it. No, my objective is to encourage you and stir up your faith to keep on believing God for the impossible, weather in provision of finances, homes, health, work, understanding, love, companionship, whatever your need, and at the same time to remind me once more how much we have to be thankful for.

I will start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, if we read we start with ABC and if we sing we start with Do, Ray, Mee..... ooops, got a bit carried away there.... he he.
In previous posts I have written a little about things like giving up sport to go study at Miracle Bible College, about going through various stripping processes including the loss of a husband, and then the restoration of one, (its eleven years of fantastic married life now), how in those years leading to the loss of my late husband we had given up house, and family to do the work the Lord had called us to.
My husband, children and I had been trusting the Lord for a house for eight years, and for four of those years we really put our backs into it, we searched and we searched, we came close, twice and then doors closed, but by the Grace of God and by the help of His Holy Spirit we never gave up, came close, but didn't give up. At one point the Lord tested me in my prophetic capacity and sent me with an instruction from 1 Kings 18 Elijah and the prophets of Baal. The Lord showed me what to do and what to speak and decree into the heaven-lies. I had to believe by faith this was the Lord and I phoned the agent to go and see the place, asked for a moment alone, did as the Lord had instructed, decreed the word and anointed the room He guided me to in a vision the night before. Two weeks later an article appears on the front page of a news paper concerning all the unholy things going on there, a bar, new age temple practices, illegal business etc. How accurate is the Holy Spirit! We don't always know, He helps us obey by faith. There I realized, our search was about more than just our need for a bigger home and Gods umpteenth promise of giving us one, it was about what He wants to accomplish in our lives, through our lives and the people we meet. I incidentally also anointed and prayed for the agent who turned out that he was back slidden and needed help from Jesus in his business also. We cant plan these things, it is only God.
October last year the Lord led us to the perfect house for us, it had everything we had put in our request to the Lord. Six bedrooms, one for each child and for us as a couple plus one we can house traveling ministers in with its own bathroom, three living areas and a fire place, a separate study, a double garage, on the outskirts of the city, in a very quiet and kids friendly cul-de-sac with friends for the kids in the street, a swimming pool and very large garden so the boys can play soccer and they can have lots of friends over and chase one another to hearts content. We got all that! Jip every last precise detail. And I refute that silly saying "the devil's in the details" NO our All Mighty, All Sufficient God is in every tiny little intricate detail of our lives! We took a step of faith as it was above our budget by a rather large margin, but God did it once off, no hick-ups! That is supernatural, that is miraculous! We moved in 28 November 2012, and God continues to supply the monthly bond payments. We moved from a three bedroom, one living area duplex to this mansion as I call it.

In the week of moving in the Lord spoke a word to me as I was spending time with Him while unpacking and moving things to work out, and He said; "I have strategically placed you here, and here I will provide in all your needs." (spiritual, emotional and physical)
And so He has. We received brand new dining room suite, living room suite. The Lord sent people to bless us with new bedroom set for our eldest, new bedding for each child, more tables and book shelves and out door veranda table. Through people the Lord has given into our bosom so richly and it hasn't stopped.
For an entire term and a half the girls were working at a tuck-shop at a local private school who offered them the job after they assisted a friend with a function there. He gave them favor and they could experience working in a kitchen environment both cooking, cleaning and serving.
During last term our eldest received  a dance bursary. During the past school holiday she made her request known to the Lord with thanks giving that He will supply when He sees she has the capacity to handle it, for more classes to dance. And there we receive a letter from the dance school owner, she is running an experimental extra class towards a new project she is looking at starting up, for free! And at the same time, the Good News production rehearsals at MBC started again and there you go, now she dances three times a week. I cant plan things like this, only God can. And my daughter is not an exceptional dancer, it's not her gift, it's her interest and something she finds joy in. But God opened this door after years of not being able to dance, (she started in Feb of this year after a 5 year break) and He did it cause she applied what we are taught through the Word, at church and we as parents reinforce at home, to use what you have available, function in the church and to access that grace that God has made available through the church to fulfill that need you have.
The church can substitute what you don't have and fill the gap in that area. (For more understanding on this please go to for Apostolic perspective, and to order the book God's Genius which is a revelation on how God made it possible for the church to function accurately)
She cried to the Lord to dance for years and especially early last year. First the Lord gently corrected us that we have not put pressure on the revealed truth that He provides through His church, so we repented and 'told' the Lord; "Lord You revealed that the church can fill the gap in the area of our need, Rebekah needs to dance and we cant afford the classes, please make a way, and we thank You for reminding us of this revelation and we thank You that Your word is true, yeay and amen and therefore whatever we ask in Jesus name You shall grant us. Praise You Lord, in Jesus name Amen"
The next day at church she was approach to audition for the production and God helped and she was in, and the rest is history. Thank You Jesus.
Our second, Yessica had to give up horse riding also five years ago. Last year June she had to completely lay down the idea of studying in the equestrian field via a private school before she has finished school. She did, she mourned for a week or more, cried her eyes out, but once she was done, she completely forgot about it and never even mentioned it again, nor pined for it. She set her energy and focus on what she can do, and in encouraging and supporting others who are doing what they love. And so, God opened a door for her end of May this year to receive practical teaching by working on a horse farm all holiday and three days a week completely free of charge and this week we heard she will now be receiving horse riding lessons as well, as a reward for working without complaint. Only God, I could never in a thousand years have planned any of this, even less so in the way it all came together.
Once again, it is through constant teaching from the Word. Constantly receiving accurate perspective on the ways of the Lord and we get that through meditating on His word and by submitting to the preaching of the apostles and prophets He has placed in the church. By drawing on the expansions given by the teachers of His word.
DO NOT GIVE UP! Continually trust. This is a walk of faith, not sight, not a sprint. Faith walks hand in hand with endurance, and patience. (also available at the above mentioned web page, just type in the words in the search engine)
The boys each received a close friend, for Samuel a boy his age is our one neighbor, and a boy two years older is our other neighbor so its cricked daily! Liam has a friend in the neighborhood his age, who fully gets him and they spend hours with lego, lego and more lego. The girls also have been blessed with friends. The Lord has made a door for art lessons and the lady who approached us offered to do it free of charge. We have received new understanding in areas we never had before, the Lord healed things in our marriage we hadn't even noticed were broken till He put His finger on it. The Lord healed relationships, did deliverance, exposed lies, added friends..... there is not enough room to speak of all the Lord has done! Nothing was stolen during a break in. In-fact, nothing was touched, during the break in!
My husband and I have received promotion in matters pertaining to the Spirit. The Lord entrusts us with more now.
The apostles have taught us, among many numerous very important life keys, but two specific ones in this regard:
1 - God has to create capacity in us to handle that thing we are asking Him to give us. Capacity in character, is what I have added. God needs to know we can handle the increase as well as be trusted with it. He will never give us more than what we can handle.
2 - The Lord will be so good to us that we will fear Him. We don't fear the loss of all we have been blessed with through Him (for our lives do not consist of the abundance of our possessions), no, that fear of the Lord that stirs us to humble ourselves before His great and mighty hand. Knowing full well nothing we did brought this great abundant blessings to us. Our works did not work Gods favor, we always had His favor, the moment we accepted and acknowledged His Son Jesus as our only Lord and Savior, that's when we got all His favor. These blessings just show us how He is the one that does the work in our lives, He is the one that creates the capacity and He is the one that gives the increase in which ever form it may be.
Our part was just giving Him consent to do as He pleases, we cant even boast in our obedience, cause if the Holy Spirit doesn't help us to obey as He is the Spirit of obedience, then we wouldn't even get that right.
He is a good Father who knows how to give good gifts to His children. Even the trials, tests, tribulations, temptations and troubles He allows us to face and go through is His goodness toward us, for it is there that our character is formed, it is there that we become more dependent on Him, it is there that capacity is created, it is there where Christ is revealed to us and in us, it is there that we are delivered and set free from lies and strongholds for they are exposed in times of pressure, it is there that our faith comes forth more precious than pure gold, it is there where we get to know Him in His death and resurrection for the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in us! God is so rich! We will never stop discovering more and more of Him.
May we be those who know the ways of the Lord like Moses, not just His works like Israel, Amen.
I love You Lord and the way You work. You are marvelous in our eyes! Who is there like You!
(c) Celeste Glass

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