The story of a girl and a horse

In the dark ages when the church was persecuted heavily especially those breaking away from the lies of the Catholic church and its wicked entrapments, parents raised their children for martyrdom. In Lyon France one can read the history when one visits the ruins of the ghastly prisons they would put men, women and children in to await their fate of being tortured or fed to the lions all because of their faith in Jesus Christ.
When we read in the Old Testament we see that God required all to stand before Him when Moses instructed the people in the Law of the Lord.
These things got me thinking, because at the time of me learning about all this I had just gotten married and I had 3 little children and a baby. It made a very deep impact on me in the way in which I would from then on raise my children.
I decided there and then that this is what I would do, because quite honestly, why should I water life down just because we live in a modern age where in most countries in the world you are not being dragged off to a dungeon to be tortured to death for your faith, least of all here in our comfortable Western world. So I proceeded to keep nothing of God’s word that gets imparted to me via church or house hold, ladies meeting, summits or conferences or Bible College, from my children. I teach it to them straight with all the reality that it entails. I learned through reading the Auto-biographies of Christian men and women how their parents raised them by reading the life stories of Christian martyrs, some of whom we have never heard, but their names are recorded in heaven and their just reward is ready for them, and I learnt how these were impacted to live God fearing lives because they understood how real God still works in the lives of those who choose to believe. I followed these examples and still do and read to my children the lives of those who were willing to even die by the hand of others for their faith, those who lived lives of persecution through slander and hatred and rejection, being misunderstood because of what they believe and in Whom they trust. I together with those who are taught in the same house hold of faith as I am, raised my children in the church services. They see the tears cried by those who testify and preach of what God does and how He works, they laugh with, they rejoice with, and they cry with. I included and still include them in everything.
At one stage I was frowned upon for my approach to child rearing but, I had peace to continue in this way, and now, because I raise my children like this, they are seeing fruit, not just me. 
And this is how I finally come to the story of a girl and a horse.

 My one daughter has always had a passion for horses, to ride and work with them. In her young life she has gone through more suffering and hardship than most young people even in their thirties who are raised in a middle class family with relative luxuries and access to a more balanced and protected life.  During all these things I kept on bring perspective to her from the Word to guide her to an understanding of how God operates and that He is always for you and never against you even though it feels like He may have forsaken you and even if you don’t understand everything you are going through at the time.
Along the way, after many disappointments we sat together and laid down everything that has to do with the Equine field. From just lessons to being in an Equestrian school. She ventured into various other avenues but nothing panned out.
Beginning of this year, well more toward May and June, she was introduced to a lady who works with rescued horses on a farm nearby and was allowed to go there three days a week for training in various equine capacities. She worked very hard, holidays she was there every day from seven or eight in the morning till six or seven in the evening. The lady working there later started giving her one hour a week riding lessons to reward her for all her hard work. Soon she was promoted to assistant trainer.
Three weeks ago the Lord opened a door that none of us could possibly have planned or worked out! He worked it in the heart of one of the horse owners on the farm to approach her and offer her the care of her horse.
This lady, a spirit filled believer who understands overcoming pain, the need for deliverance and healing through Jesus, His word and His church, has two horses, and because the one is her competition horse, the other has not been getting the attention it is due. Because of this she ask the Lord to send her someone who will love the horse as much as she does, and who also needs the horse. So she started scouting out the young people who are constantly working and volunteering on the farm. She was not happy with the fruits she saw in any of the, un-teachable, cheeky, disrespectful and the like. One fine day she sees my daughter calming her horse down after he got slightly excited due to the rest going in for the night and he still being left behind. They got talking and so her interest was kindled. She prayed to the Lord and said; “Father if this young girl tells me once more how much she loves this horse, then I know she is the one.” And true as Bob, my daughter sees her six times in one day and each time she says, “I just love this horse!” Well, there you go!
And so, here we are, Yessica and Zoom, Zoom and Yessica.

Turns out this beautiful stallion was a teaser stallion on a racing breeder farm. He never raced, but he is still a pure bread thorough bread race horse. He went through much abuse somewhere along the line and she saved him from ending up in a slaughter house. It took her three years and thousands of Rands later to rehabilitate him. He is just the most loving and gentle and sensitive horse despite what he has gone through which has been really severe. My daughter, despite what she has been through is also still a gentle, sensitive, caring and loving person = a perfect match.
Now Yessica only works with Zoom and the gracious lady through whom God has created this miraculous opportunity. Every session they do together brings some old hurt, or wound to the surface in her, and we can bring it to the Lord and He deals with it so beautifully and gently exactly like the loving Father He is. It took a week for the two of them to “join up”, which is a connection process between horse and master which is very, very important for the two to become “one” in order for them to work effectively together. During that time a few trust issues came to the surface that were buried, in situations and disappointments from years ago, and God could heal that. 

Last week the riding began. And this brought forth a whole new set of deep seated lies from the enemy because of things she had suffered through. All the lady did was remind her Who the One is that heals, Who gave His life for her and how precious she is to Him. That He will not give her something just to make it the most unpleasant experience of her life. And in all this, Zoom is also receiving more care. He gets more attention than he could have ever asked for, he gets groomed, and loved and gently cared for and treated and he receives exercise and he gets to give love, he gets to give gentleness and patience. It is such an absolutely extraordinary thing to see.

How all this connects, well, when we raise our children with the understanding of how God develops character, how He allows things through which, in the end, Christ is formed in us. How if Jesus had to go through it, so will we for we are true disciples of His. We teach them that the enemy is very real, and He comes to steal, kill and destroy. We make sure they know they are set apart, and because of that there will be a battle for their souls and the enemy will pull out all the stops to prevent them from believing because he knows how powerful a family who believes together is. We teach them that Jesus is present even in those really horrible moments, because He promises to never leave us nor forsake us world without end. We coach and guide them in this truth and reality so they know how to face life, how to deal with disappointments and so when God makes the impossible possible, and a lifelong dream miraculously comes true, they have the meekness and humility to know Who they receive it from. He is the Father of lights who knows how to give good gifts to His children.
Now that they have lived through it, they have the faith to live through it again and they can encourage others, and have grace with those who are jealous or envious.
I encourage all parents; don’t hide the truth from your children. Keep it in front of them. It strengthens them. Raise them in the church and in the word and help them to focus on the Kingdom, then God will add all the other things to them in the right time. In the time when He sees they have the capacity to handle it, they have the character to handle it. These are life lessons no one can take away from them and it makes them rich. This is how they learn to use their faith, to believe that God’s promises are Yea and Amen. In these struggles they learn that even Jesus had to learn obedience through the things He suffered. In these times they begin to know and understand the word and God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are real and alive. They learn to be patient with Gods process in their lives and in the lives of those around them.
When I look at these rewards God has given my children, I no longer cry over the things they had to suffer through, I rejoice  in it, for this glory far outweighs what they had suffered and they are richer for it.
(c) Celeste Glass

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