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If you desire an irrevocable and lasting change in your family

It was our end of year Graduation celebration for all the students who studied the Word of the Lord through Miracle Bible College based here in Cape Town on Friday 14 November 2014 at the Protea Hotel in Techno Park Stellenbosch. We have this event at the end of each year to celebrate with those who studied the Word either full time, part time – through local bible cells – or correspondence, the effort they put in to allow the Lord to be the most pre-eminent thing in their lives and for overcoming the things that the Word of God brings to the surface in their lives as well as any obstacle that tries to hinder them from completing their studies. As the students came forward to receive their certificates I was touched in a deeper and deeper and more profound way with every student coming forth, for of them there were husbands and wives who studied together this year, there were the last of a whole line of family members who finished the two year course, and then of course there was one …

The Prisoners Cinematic Trailer

A snip bit of the production Prisoners, based on Acts 16 in a modern day setting.

Written by Apostle Dr. Andre Pelser, Directed by Apostle Leigh Collins and Hilton Pelser, Choreography by Apostle Leigh and Prophet Lynette Collins, Cast are students from Miracle Bible College, youth and other church members from the church Harvester Reformational Church Cape Town.

Full DVD and CD available on order via

Family Calling

Watching the Prisoners production last night in its polished form with a capacity crowd, the Holy Spirit gave me a deeper understanding of family calling.
We have been in the Harvester family since February of 1996, it is the very longest I have ever been part of anything in my life. I have friendships that were formed in that year which still remain. We have seen each other fall in love, get married, have children, we experienced loss together as friends fell away from the faith, as family members were called home to be with the Lord, and  the excitement of those for whom God opened doors to go to other nations. In all of these we have always been encouraged that God calls families into various areas of life. He calls families to be full time ministers of His Word and Grace, those whom He sets apart to train all of us in the ways of the Lord. There are family callings in the areas of worship, music, performing arts, medicine, and business world, those who create wealth for the work of…

Art of a missionary

We invite you all who may be in the Huston area over Christmas and New Years to join in the auctioning off of art work by a missionary from South Africa.
Apostle Andre Pelser has been a father figure to me for close to 20 years now and is by far the most patient and humble man I know. He has trained us, and continues to do so, to follow the ways and methods of Jesus just as the apostle Paul also did. The main thrust of the work done by Andre and his wife Prophet Nola and their children, is to turn people to focus on Jesus as the Saviour of our souls and the Author and Finisher of our faith. They build people around Christ and not around themselves and it is through this way of teaching and training that I personally have come to know Jesus better and deeper and go to Him with all my problems, struggles, decisions, provision and make Him part of every aspect of my life. As they preach these things, they also live it. Therefore they use the gifts, abilities and talents God has bestowed upo…

Prisoners set free

So it’s that time of year where we have worked hard to complete all preparations for our yearly production, and this year it is Prisoners, based on the mission journey of the apostle Paul and Silas according to Acts 16. This dramatization of  one of the apostle Paul’s journeys is both as powerful as it is creative and from the very onset of rehearsals from back in June, God has moved in the hearts and minds of all involved and set us free from the prisons of wrong mind-sets, thinking patterns, emotional strongholds, and lies that kept us bound.
For us personally after the first rehearsal of working on the theme song “I’m a prisoner!” and experiencing the anointing of the Lord so powerfully because of the unity among the cast members, my daughter was that very night set free from a soul tie, and now this Sunday after final rehearsal was completely freed from the ties of a friendship because the Lord showed her how jealous He is over her. What became interesting to me as I contemplated o…

To find your life, you have to lose it first.

In 2003 I took a class at church presented by apostle Leigh Collins called Creative Movement and Dance. For our end of year project we had to dance or move out our testimony of something we had overcome in our lives. For my project I chose to open by reading “Mat 16:25For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”and then to act out, in a rather abstract manner, how I laid down sport to come to Bible College, got married, went into the mission field, lost my husband, was persecuted by my in-laws and then how during every crisis I ran back to sport to comfort me, until I finally realised it could never fill the gaping hole in my heart and soul that only Jesus and the Word can, and I then finally left sport for good and focused on Christ. At the end of my piece my children walked forward as my husband read this excerpt from a teaching by apostle Andre Pelser about leaving behind a spiritual inheritance for your generations aft…

Just another day – so have a laugh

Its Monday today, the official first day of the new term! We all went to bed early…. Well 10pm …oops, it was supposed to be early J  well, point is we managed to all be in bed before midnight! We diligently set our alarms for 7am so we can start the new term all bright eyed and bushy tailed right? WRONG!!!
Its winter in Cape Town and a 7am alarm doesn’t mean much in dark cold weather! Especially not if you don’t have to be somewhere by 8am on a Monday.  So I pushed the snooze button on mine and, for some mysterious reason the girls alarms just…”died” sometime during the night. How convenient! Nonetheless mom, that’s me, managed to get up, with enthusiasm by 7:30 am wash and get dressed and cook some oatmeal for breakfast J I was rather impressed with myself I might add. Three out of four children made it to the breakfast table with fairly open eyes and somewhat tidy hair. Two were dressed at least, and, Oh well, the baby (now almost ten years old) was just informed ‘it’s ok to go back t…

The greatest Cause

Everywhere we look there is a cry for support of some cause or another ranging from things like anti-abortion, anti-pornography, anti-war, save the rhino, save our forests, change in education policies, and the list goes on. Often we feel condemned or guilty for not supporting causes or charities as it seems the work they are doing is good. Yes, quite right, a lot of the work they are doing is good, but, if we support the greatest cause ever to come on this earth, we won’t need campaigns for other causes and charities. The cause I am talking about is – Church!
Reform the church to reform the land.
Over the last few years I’ve connected with people who specialize in education across various fields from public and private schooling, to homeschooling, education psychology, child development and curriculum writers. In meeting all these very interesting and highly qualified people whether merely on line through cyber space or face to face at meetings I have come to see that in the general…

Love of God stirrs our faith

‘Faith originated in God, so His Word stirs our faith. The natural response to the Love God has for us, is faith.’ – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen (
This quote by Apostle Jan Oosthuizen, when he came to minister at our Cape Town church, stirred in me a desire to wait on the Lord to show me more and to give me deeper understanding of His love toward us. So I went to Luke 18:8 – ‘When the Son of man comes, will He still find faith in the earth?’ Apostle dr. Andre Pelser wrote a song about this “Will your memory of me be kind” on his first blues cd available from Pelser Media and with these words I waited, and here is what I believe the Lord revealed to me. To allow God to love you, means to give yourself over into His hands completely, holding nothing back. We know God loves all man, not our sinful actions but the person He loves, what I am saying is that unless I give God complete access and rule over my life I can’t clearly or fully see or…