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Miracle Bible College Advert 2014

It is still not too late to come and study fultime, and if full time isnt going to work for you ask for a mbc bible cell in your area, we have groups in America, England, India, and alover South Africa.You can also study correspondence.

For more information contact apostle Aje Pelser dean of studies on

Remember age does not matter, no one is too young or too old to study the Word of the Lord, we have a 70y old man doing his fulltime studies this year as well as 18 year old high school graduates, it is not our age it is our hearts attitude and desire to seek the Lord and want to be conformed to the image of Christ by the renewing of our minds through the Word.

Spirit Rhythms Intro

Part of the worsip Tolkit series, one of the druming sessions, teaching drummers how to flow in the Spirit on te drumms, playing by the instruction of the Holy Spirit

Leading Worship Highlights ANSOW Teacher Chantal Pelser

Order the full Tool Kit series which includes toddlers church worhip teaching, childrens church worship teaching, youth worship teaching, all the instruments filmed in workshop style, guitar (acoustic, electric, lead, base); Drumming (from basic foundation on drum padds, rythms, styles etc), teachings on worhip as an individual each person a worshipper, as well as worship in a small group like home cell/home group and worship in a church setting, piano workshop, worship dance where the whole body participates in dancing unto the Lord men, women and children of all ages, the whole church moving together as one. Order through Pelser media via

7 Utterances of Jesus

What a powerful teaching, so worth the ordering of this dvd

Only True Church - music and lyrics

Song written to explain Hebrews 12: 22 to 24.No church on earth is the true church, but the church on earth is the entry point to the church registered in heaven, each man, woman and child that gets saved by the name of Jesus have the right to be part of this church. How glorious this is! Hallelujah!

More Precious than Gold - music and lyrics

I see myself in the Word - music ans lyrics

I love this song, it so accurately explains James 1v 25 onward, and in such a simplistic way that reaches every one as it captures how we all feel as we wrestle with our flesh to conform more to the image of Christ and be doers of the word and work not just hearets only, deceiving ourselves.

Brilliant Flame - Words and sound

He who made you is able to complete all that concerns you – our journey with dyslexia part 3 – Alignment, Dial setting and Co-ordination

I will start by saying when I read through all the information and instructions for alignment, dial setting and co-ordination, by the time I was finished and started on the symbol mastery part, I had forgotten a few key elements, for instance the amount of time that should be spent on this. Even though I highlighted the part that speaks about thirty hours of intense work, I clean forgot about it by the time I had my head wrapped around the various exercises J Thus said we went about it as follows for two months; I’d let Samuel sit on a chair across from me and do a relaxing exercise with him first. I’d tell him to sit in a comfortable position with both his hands and feet relaxed. Then I guided him step by step to relax his entire body. We started with the forehead, I’d tell him in the same tone of voice and speaking method as discussed in part 2, to relax his forehead, relax his eye brows, relax his eye lids, relax his eyeballs, relax his nose and so on all the way to his toes. At the …

He who made you is able to complete all that concerns you – our journey with dyslexia part 2 The assesment

In the previous blog I shared getting to “The Gift of Dyslexia” by Ronald D Davis. As a number of moms have asked me to help by sharing how we are doing it, - as we did not go to a Davis Dyslexia Facility for an assessment, but did it at home and we are also currently doing the reading or learning to read and write at home – as they also have to go it alone at home, I now will commence to document our journey as we progress here and Lord willing eventually compile it in a book. So here goes J
As I am the one who needs to learn a new thing or task, and especially anything that looks technical, by watching someone else do it, I just could not wrap my head around the assessment process in chapter 26. I would read about two pages and start all over again. I found the one column explaining what to do and the second column explaining what to perceive and look out for, just a little confusing for me. So I prayed and asked the Lord for help, and He answered by sending me Teresa Muller through …

He who made you is able to complete all that concerns you – our journey with dyslexia part 1 - Discovering help

I woke up with these words this afternoon after a short nap (Tuesday 24 march 2014). It is the voice of the Holy Spirit confirming what I had been meditating on in His Word regarding wisdom in the book of Proverbs. As those of you who either know me personally or have been following my writings may already know, one of my four children has the gift of dyslexia. I now call it a gift since I have learnt so much about it over the past three years that I am thoroughly convinced it is a gift and not a problem, curse, condition, ailments, disability or learning problem. What really started me searching for the truth regarding this is my sons’ very own words one day as we drove to school having completed yet another remedial lesson on 14 January 2013 – he had already been going for two years and this was the beginning of his third year and he was fed up especially since there was no more progress than when we started and he was still not reading -  “Mom I don’t see myself as someone who a di…