He who made you is able to complete all that concerns you – our journey with dyslexia part 1 - Discovering help

I woke up with these words this afternoon after a short nap (Tuesday 24 march 2014). It is the voice of the Holy Spirit confirming what I had been meditating on in His Word regarding wisdom in the book of Proverbs.
As those of you who either know me personally or have been following my writings may already know, one of my four children has the gift of dyslexia. I now call it a gift since I have learnt so much about it over the past three years that I am thoroughly convinced it is a gift and not a problem, curse, condition, ailments, disability or learning problem. What really started me searching for the truth regarding this is my sons’ very own words one day as we drove to school having completed yet another remedial lesson on 14 January 2013 – he had already been going for two years and this was the beginning of his third year and he was fed up especially since there was no more progress than when we started and he was still not reading -  “Mom I don’t see myself as someone who a disability, it makes me feel inadequate and like a baby especially if I have to do these block games and picture searches and things like that which make no sense in the long run. All I want to do is read and it feels like all people are doing is to find more problems or struggles.” With this my husband and I knew that what we have been sensing as parents was the Holy Spirit already preparing us to bring him back home from a year in school and home school him again. Of course this was met with much up set on the remedial therapist side and the psychologist at the school and some of the teachers there.
I had previously told them; “That if my sons’ desire is to read and write, I know God will not fail him in that and He will make it happen, how, I do not know yet, but my son will read because he serves and loves an Almighty God who cares for him”. The school had in gr.6 already stopped making efforts to teach children who cannot yet read or write, to read and write. To do so and just say they will never be able to master these tasks is a serious flaw in my opinion. We need reform in our education system but that is a blog for another day. J
Here follows what the Lord has done for us.

We took Samuel out of school at the end of the first term on instruction of the Lord and again started the process of de-schooling. After the April holidays I met a lady who had traveled much the same road with her son as we had with ours. The same heart aces and frustrations, wrong ways of handling things because we didn’t know better and spending fortunes on therapists and psychologists, teachers, curriculums, helping aids etc. all to what seemed certain to be to no avail.  She then found the Ronald D Davis method.
She showed me some of the things they had used and in turn her sun explained how he learned and how they helped him here in Cape Town at the Kommietjie Centre http://www.gifteddyslexic.com/home/contact-gd
He was sixteen when he learned to read.
I finally got hold of the book “The Gift of Dyslexia” and spent the entire November and December 2013 reading and studying it. For the first time my child made sense to me. For the first time dyslexia made sense to me. The borderline autism started making sense to me. The Lord had brought me a gift and by shedding His light on the situation revealed more of my son to me.
When the remedial therapist did her initial assessments with him she diagnosed him with dyslexia and borderline autism. She gave me books to read and although some things made sense most of the information broke my heart. But give in and give up is not in my make up, I just can’t let something lie, especially not something this important. And that is why I continued searching, and crying out to the Lord saying “Lord there must be a better way!” For me having to read things like “these children prefer teachers above their parents” just doesn’t sit well with me. Why on earth would the Lord give us children just so we can give them to someone else to take care of? I do not believe that only professionals can help and parents will remain a small support with extra home work at home. We as parents will always remain the main care the professionals are to be the help and the sideline support. Other things that motivated me to work with our son myself no matter what it takes, were the careless remarks and as far as I am concerned insults (for putting everyone in the same band wagon), from those with development and behavioral psychology degrees warning and talking about heightened sexual development and desires and other extreme behavioral aspects. I hated it! My son wasn’t and isn’t any of these things and I could not believe that with all the Word input, and spiritual input my son was getting, these things would manifest despite all our efforts and that these things can be stronger than the Lords Holy Spirit that indwells our son. Our son loves us as parents and is such a family oriented young man and hates being separated from us. He never trusted therapists as he trusts us, he said it himself. In fact, he came to me and said; “Mom, I don’t trust anyone any more, not teachers, not the remedial lady, no one, if we are going to conquer this thing then it’s you and me and no one else, I trust you, and I know you can help me and Jesus is just going to have to help you and teach you how, but no more out siders I’m sorry.”

Besides any of these very personal reasons, what about those thousands upon thousands of families who cannot afford therapists and who have to rely solely on the education system? (I am not against teachers; there are many who are sincere, love working with children and love children. Teachers who are called to teach and they make a very definite and great difference.) So I continued searching and with finally finding Ron Davis’ book it really was refreshing water on a parched soul.
He mentioned key things like; “These children think in pictures rather than in words, need hands-on experiences to learn, and often reach conclusions without appearing to take the logical steps”.(Gift of Dyslexia p.ix)
“Usually when people hear the word “dyslexia” they think only of reading, writing, spelling and math problems a child is having in school. Some associate it only with words and letter reversals, some only with slow learners. Almost everyone considers it some form of disability, but the learning disability is only one face of dyslexia” (p3)
He explains that the mental functions that produce genius like Hans Christian Anderson, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, also produce dyslexia. It doesn’t mean that everyone that has dyslexia is a genius, but it is the exact same functions that cause both. There are eight vital points he mentions regarding dyslexia and he very clearly states that if these aspects are not suppressed or invalidated or even destroyed by either us as parents due to a lack of understanding and knowledge, or by the education system in place, these eight facets will result in two characteristics; one, that of higher-than-normal intelligence and the other, extraordinary creative ability.
Before I list the eight facets I want to just mention something. For thirteen years we had no idea how to handle our son. We didn’t understand him. We did snuff out some of these aspects and we did cause harm. Even though we found out in 2011 what is “wrong” with our son and I felt like dying, it wasn’t till I read this book over December 2013 that I realized what I had been doing. I blamed myself; I saw all the things I did wrong, that caused our son to be despondent, have feelings of murder and death and rebellion and was really heading down a spiraling slippery slope. I saw all the harshness and punishments and unfair treatments, and you name it. But God is either a Savior or He is not. He is either real or a figment of my imagination. He is either the Creator of all or some mystic. He is All Powerful, All Knowing, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Most glorious and Marvelous or He is not. I believe Jesus died for everything imaginable pertaining to mankind, which means He also died for this, all my failures and faults. I acknowledged them, repented and asked for His mercy, gave Him thanks for showing me a better way and I am happy to say, no matter how much harm I did, the Lord has restored our son and healed his emotions and we have a much stronger bond than ever before. So no matter how many mistakes you have made, how harsh you have been (and I can really tell you horror stories of what I had done) just acknowledge them, repent and ask the Lord to help you from here on in, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (all our not right doing). He will help you every day through every step, both you and your child. Now together with my son I am learning how to harness his potential, how to unlock and guide it and it is such an exciting journey.
The eight facets are; 1 – they can utilize the brain’s ability to alter and create perceptions (the primary ability);
2 – they are highly aware of the environment;
3 – they are more curious than average;
4 – they think mainly in pictures than in words;
5 – they are highly intuitive and insightful;
6 – they think and perceive multidimensional (using all senses);
7- they can experience thought as reality;
8 – they have vivid imaginations. (p5)
He then in great detail goes on to explain the characteristics of dyslexia and comes to the place where he explains disorientation which is the main culprit in causing frustration in the lives of dyslexic people. He carefully explains disorientation and then also shows one how we can teach our children, or if we have dyslexia ourselves, how to align or orientate ourselves so we are fully in control of our learning or reading.
I cannot explain the entire book in my blog although I very much want to but these few pointers should interest you enough to go and get hold of the book yourself. It is available on Amazon, Loot as well as in Exclusive Books. (Exclusive Books will order it for you if they do not have it in stock, as it is one of the books they generally have in store due to its popularity)

For me in short, his method teaches a dyslexic; 1)to be in tune with or in touch with his entire body; 2) to know where his fingers and toes and head are; 3) to be spatially aware; and 4) to know how to control themselves in an uncontrolled environment. Mister Davis also wrote the book “The Gift of Learning” in which he in the same detailed step by step way helps conquer math, helps to live with and use ADD and ADHD to your advantage as well as dealing with Autism.

The bottom line of this very long share is that no matter what we face and no matter what we need to overcome in our lives if we remember in Who’s hands we are and that those hands are attached to the everlasting arms of God the Father, then we can rest assured that at the perfect time He will reveal what needs to be revealed, He will give understanding, insight, knowledge and the ability to deal with and complete that which needs doing and completing. Never take your eyes off Him or out of His word. He has the words of life and He alone has the power to heal and save and change. Look to Jesus the author (the One who authorized your faith) and finisher (Who will complete the work) of your faith. See all your failures no matter how great as the birthing place of Christ. He turns all things to the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. His purpose is for us to become more Christ-like and therefore He seeks and saves that which went lost in our lives. In our worst moments He is there, take His hand and let Him lead you to the promised land of peace, joy and right standing. It is possible.
(c) Celeste Glass

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