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Love of God stirrs our faith

‘Faith originated in God, so His Word stirs our faith. The natural response to the Love God has for us, is faith.’ – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen (
This quote by Apostle Jan Oosthuizen, when he came to minister at our Cape Town church, stirred in me a desire to wait on the Lord to show me more and to give me deeper understanding of His love toward us. So I went to Luke 18:8 – ‘When the Son of man comes, will He still find faith in the earth?’ Apostle dr. Andre Pelser wrote a song about this “Will your memory of me be kind” on his first blues cd available from Pelser Media and with these words I waited, and here is what I believe the Lord revealed to me. To allow God to love you, means to give yourself over into His hands completely, holding nothing back. We know God loves all man, not our sinful actions but the person He loves, what I am saying is that unless I give God complete access and rule over my life I can’t clearly or fully see or…

Moments of encouragement

Sometimes as a wife and mom I feel I can get wrapped up in all the things I don’t get right. All the moments I’ve missed and all the mistakes I seem to continually make. I can get trapped there as well and remain in this dark hole I dig for myself by reflecting on things of the past or even battles we currently fight. Then, by the grace of our blessed Lord and Savior, He knocks at the door of my heart and as I open He gently whispers, ‘Hey, you’re looking in the wrong mirror, here, take this One and look into it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you see.’ So I do.
As I look into this Mirror that I have had for years, I discover new things again. I see the heartache I caused whether by brokenness, selfishness, self-willed-ness or by the pressure from others. I see the mistakes and the dark moments of despair that lead me to places where I wanted to end my very life, but instead of feeling despondent, I feel joy, instead of guilt I see hope and freedom. ‘How is this possible?’; I a…