Love of God stirrs our faith

‘Faith originated in God, so His Word stirs our faith. The natural response to the Love God has for us, is faith.’ – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen (

This quote by Apostle Jan Oosthuizen, when he came to minister at our Cape Town church, stirred in me a desire to wait on the Lord to show me more and to give me deeper understanding of His love toward us. So I went to Luke 18:8 – ‘When the Son of man comes, will He still find faith in the earth?’ Apostle dr. Andre Pelser wrote a song about this “Will your memory of me be kind” on his first blues cd available from Pelser Media and with these words I waited, and here is what I believe the Lord revealed to me.
To allow God to love you, means to give yourself over into His hands completely, holding nothing back. We know God loves all man, not our sinful actions but the person He loves, what I am saying is that unless I give God complete access and rule over my life I can’t clearly or fully see or understand how much He loves me. So for Jesus to still find faith in the earth when He comes, we need to love as Jesus loves. The more I allow Him to love me the more my faith to do the same increases, because I begin to see what it took for Him to bring me to where I am today and what it takes for Him to move me yet forward to when He comes, constantly working, constantly loving, constantly forgiving. But in order for me to even get a glimmer of how much He loves me and how much effort He has put into my life I need to be a functioning member of a healthy church.
It is there together with other fallible people and fallible leaders where we come to begin to realize and see how much Jesus and the Father loves us. The very patience, longsuffering, endurance, perseverance, chastisement, discipline, forgiveness, repentance, grace, mercy and more it takes for each of us to bear with one another in love so Jesus can be shaped and formed in us we can only really see and experience when we are part of a church. When we function in the church in whatever capacity the Lord lays on our hearts, whether by ushering, cleaning, maintenance, sound, catering, organizing or preaching, when we function, things become exposed and revealed. I don’t mean mean-spirited expose, but simple day to day things like a short temper, jealousy or competition, self-pity and the like. When these things start to stick out their head, there are members in the church who have overcome these things and who either had others who loved them through it or had to suffer it alone till the breakthrough came, whichever it may be there will be someone who understands, who will pray for you, walk with you, cover you, fight on your behalf and help you get to the root of these strongholds in your life and help guide you to the path of deliverance. By being part of a functioning healthy church where the Word is preached accurately, it stirs in us a desire to obey, a desire to change a desire to allow the Lord to work in our lives and we ask Him to. We learn to go to Him, Jesus not man for help. We learn to hear His voice through an open Bible and let Him show us what to do and how to do it. We begin to experience His love.
As we allow Jesus to love us it spills over into our marriage relationship and from there it spills over into our children. We come to a place where we are no longer disappointed in our spouse or our children because we no longer have unrealistic expectations and we are beginning to understand they too are a work in progress, working out their salvation with fear and trembling. Jesus’s love for us says; “Im never disappointed in you because I know what is in you, I know where you’ll fail, I know where you make mistakes, I know where you struggle, but I am with you, I am patient because My love for you is complete, My love for you is eternal.”
This love is then what we begin to pour out into our marriage and receive back, this love we begin to pour out into our children, and receive it back and so they too begin to pour it out into the lives of others they meet.
Because of His love for us we know that our faith is growing, and the more we believe the more our eyes begin to open and we begin to see how absolutely inexpressibly, awesome, magnificent and full of splendor our God is. We see His work all around us. We begin to rest for we begin to understand that we can do absolutely nothing, He does it all. In the words of Apostle Jan; ‘This is the one gospel where we have to do absolutely nothing and God does everything.’
Nothing we do can make Him love us more, He already loves us so completely – BUT – the more we understand and see how much He loves us the more we believe and the more we want to share this love with others. Because we begin to understand how much He loves us we can be patient with His working in our lives, be patient with His promises.
Love, Patience, Faith and Hope, these four go together.
As we begin to understand love we relax as Jeremiah 29:11 – 13 becomes more of a reality. Because He so loves us we can know with full assurance that we have a future, and because we know we have a future we have hope. And therefore our faith keeps on being strengthened. Because faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen – His love stirs our faith.
Faith being evidence of things unseen just means that His love has proven He will do it and it will come to pass. For me then if Jesus is asking if He will still find faith in the earth at His coming He is at the same time saying will you still believe that I love you?
But because love has been so ruthlessly twisted and perverted, faith also begins to fail – the world says:
-       If you don’t accept homosexual behavior you don’t have love
-       If you don’t accept a prostitutes lifestyle you don’t have love
-       If you correct or discipline your child and set boundaries you don’t have love
-       If there is correction and discipline in the church or workplace you don’t have love
-       If you do not want to have sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend  you don’t have love
And so the list continues. A list of lies! The Father says; ‘I love the person, not the sin.’ Jesus says; ‘I died for the person and for their sin. My very blood is there to wash you clean of these sins, all you have to do is say “Yes”. I correct, discipline and chasten my real true children’ Hebres 12:5 to 11. He rebukes the ones He loves, which is all of us, if we are willing to receive it and then heed it. Here is some of what I have learned of the Lords love towards me and He loves you the same way –
-       I do not threaten with fear, My love abolishes fear
-       My love is a light it exposes and chases away darkness
-       My love covers you as I heal your faults and flaws, sins and mistakes I don’t blurt it out to the whole world nor am I a slanderer.
-       My love comforts, heals, forgives, endures, suffers longs
-       My love goes with you everywhere
-       My love knows everything already and it is still there, it never leaves
-       My love is so strong it does not break, it does no betray, it does not leave and it does not disappoint
-       My love is true
-       My love has the greatest endurance
-       My love is a never-ending fountain
-       My love is ever present
-       My love believes in you and cheers you on
-       My love binds up your brokenness
-       My love washes away your past and presents your new future
-       My love delivers you from all captivity and bondage
-       My love gives back what enemies have stolen
-       My love opens your blind eyes
-       My love is a home and a refuge for you
-       My love is safe
-       My love builds everlasting trust
-       My love brings understanding
-       My love refines and beautifies
-       My love is humble and meek
-       My love is full of wisdom and integrity
-       My love feeds you and clothes you
-       My love brings you into wide open spaces
-       My love gives you rest
-       My love restores peace and quiet
-       My love calms the storms
-       My love is never defeated
-       My love is an impenetrable bulwark that surrounds you
-       My love outlasts everything
-       My love picks you up
-       My love carries you
-       My love created you
-       My love redeems you
-       My love is never disappointed
-       My love knows you inside out
-       My love knows the number of every hair even the ones that have fallen out
-       My love is unselfish
-       My love is without partiality
-       My love understands you
-       My love forgets your mistakes and sins and wrongs
-       My love fully forgives and never reminds you again
-       My love is your most faithful companion
-       My love rejoices over you with dancing and gladness
-       My love has never missed an event in your life
-       My love is full of mercy and compassion
-       My love created you and put you together in your mother’s womb
-       My love wrote down all your days
-       My love is what lead Me to give My life for you, so you may live
-       I AM Love
Receive My Love

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(c) Celeste Glass

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