Moments of encouragement

Sometimes as a wife and mom I feel I can get wrapped up in all the things I don’t get right. All the moments I’ve missed and all the mistakes I seem to continually make. I can get trapped there as well and remain in this dark hole I dig for myself by reflecting on things of the past or even battles we currently fight. Then, by the grace of our blessed Lord and Savior, He knocks at the door of my heart and as I open He gently whispers, ‘Hey, you’re looking in the wrong mirror, here, take this One and look into it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you see.’ So I do.

As I look into this Mirror that I have had for years, I discover new things again. I see the heartache I caused whether by brokenness, selfishness, self-willed-ness or by the pressure from others. I see the mistakes and the dark moments of despair that lead me to places where I wanted to end my very life, but instead of feeling despondent, I feel joy, instead of guilt I see hope and freedom. ‘How is this possible?’; I ask myself. And then I look again into this Mirror and I see the very birthing place of Christ in each of those otherwise horrible moments and times. Why do I see the birthing place of Christ you may ask, well, it’s simple. Right there in the mess of chaff and the smell of the manure of those flesh filled times, there, I was crying for my Savior to be revealed, and right there was birthed a new revelation of His love for me. A new revelation of His understanding and longsuffering that is my very salvation, I see it there. The very moment I started to rely on Him and ask for His help. The very moment where the only place I could seem to go for shelter and warmth was the very place others saw as a stable. I didn’t find my Lord in the fancy places of my life, I dint find Him in the pretty and comfortable moments where all was under control, at least that’s what I thought. Instead I found Him right there in the darkness of my depressed state of mind. I found Him right there in the loneliest places of the stables in my life. Right there His light pierced through, and saved me.
Now a number of years down the line I find a reminder of what my Lord has done for me when my youngest, a blue eyed blond comes to me and says, ‘Mommy, you are the most beautiful person I ever know’. And then an hour later comes back and says; ‘Mom, you and I are going on a date, we are going to watch a movie and have coffee, and you have to dress up pretty and I will make sure I am most handsome and then we go out.’ The Mirror says, ‘He beautifys the meek with salvation’.
I see a glimpse of hope that I haven’t utterly failed, cause He was always there, when my older of the two boys comes to me with a glimmer in his chocolate brown eyes and says; ‘Mom I love you’; and then snuggles really close and says again; ‘Mom I really, really love you. Do you know that? You are so, so special to me.’ Then one sunny winters morning rolls by, I look in the bathroom mirror and the reflection looking back at me looks much older than the thirty-eight years it is, so I apply a little mascara and my fourteen year old son comes by and says; ‘Mom you are perfectly beautiful, can I do your hair.’ And so the two young gentleman in the making get the brush and comb and choose a hair clip and together do my hair till it is in their favorite style. They look all smug and satisfied and say; ‘We love you mom, you have the prettiest eyes’.
I turn back to this Mirror I have had for years, the pages tissue thin and full of markings and highlighted sections, and once more I am amazed at how He had turned and worked out every messy, smelly terrible and nightmarishly awful part of my life into a letter to His glory. I see the video of the past the things that used to haunt me like shadows in a closet, and they don’t haunt me anymore. I don’t fear those anymore because I see how He, Jesus, has turned to the good all the things that concern me because I love Him and He has called me according to His good purpose. My purpose, to be conformed more and more to His Son, to have my mind continually renewed and transformed to reveal what is the good, acceptable and perfect will of God for our lives. That perfect will I am beginning to understand as handing everything over, all the time. Continually giving everything, every aspect of my life to Him, and allowing Him to change, shape, clean out, form, polish, take through the furnace for purification, remold, break down, pull out, rebuild, plant and the more. Then looking back doesn’t hurt, looking back brings forth praises and rejoicing. Looking back brings forth thanksgiving and glorification to the One, the One who holds the Mirror, yes, as James 1:23 to 25 says, is the Word of God. As the Word is also a person, Jesus, when I look back I see my reflection, when I look now the reflection is starting to resemble more and more of Jesus. I can begin to see the family traits of my Father coming through because of the work of Jesus, my Brother. He was the First born, we who believe follow Him, our big Brother as He teaches us. His best friend the Holy Spirit is our constant companion too and He leads us and guides us to the Truth, and reminds us of all Jesus has taught us.
My heart now begins to light up as my girls come to me in turn and say, ‘Mommy, we have a happy childhood.’ My eldest says; ‘I look at you and dad, your teasing and laughing. Daddy’s tenderness with you and I know what I want in my husband one day. I know what I want my marriage to look like.’ My second born who is more like me than I like to admit comes and says; ‘Mom you are really great. Thanks so much for sticking it out with us. Thanks for the teachings and also that you are so strict, I know it’s not always easy, but it turns out, you’re right you know. I’m glad you are the one who works with us’. One of my fondest moments of late is this same hazel eyed blond haired young lady coming to me and saying; ‘It is so much fun having daddy teach me how the sound works, between him and Marco I am learning so much. But my favorite still is, our drive home at night, stopping for a small chocolate and munching it down before we get home.’
Now I don’t look back at my mistakes and failures as failures anymore. Jesus turned it around. When He said, ‘Come to My trading post, the cross, and give Me your ashes, I will give you beauty, give Me your mourning and I will give you the oil of joy, give Me your heaviness and the things that make your heart heavy and I will give you the garment of praise. Come and bring all of those miserable mistakes, faults and failures to Me and I will plant you in My garden, the church, and I will make you a tree of righteousness. I will prune your leaves and branches, and water you in season, I will put in the support so you can grow straight, I will fertilize your soil with good food from My ministers. I will anoint you with My Spirit to ward off sickness and disease, and you will be the planting of the Lord, who bares fruit in and out of season, whose leaves will not wither because you are planted by the stream of living water, you are planted by My Word.’

So take hope and be encouraged, as wives and mothers we have all failed and sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but in His great mercy, He turns it all around to His glory. May we look upon our mistakes, faults and failures as the place for the glory of God to be revealed in and through our lives, for only He can turn a life, a marriage and a family around. Let us look to Him the Author and Finisher of our faith. Let us lean back into the everlasting arms or our Savior who alone is wise, full of glory and majesty. Instead of tiring ourselves by holding onto our past, let us let go and allow Him to work in us to will and to work according to His good pleasure. He is the Way, He is the Truth, He is the Light and He is LIFE!

(c) Celeste Glass (go to for the sermon The Trading Post by apostle Andre Pelser, also visit Pelser Media for the song "I see myself in His Word" from teh CD Reformation)

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