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Just another day – so have a laugh

Its Monday today, the official first day of the new term! We all went to bed early…. Well 10pm …oops, it was supposed to be early J  well, point is we managed to all be in bed before midnight! We diligently set our alarms for 7am so we can start the new term all bright eyed and bushy tailed right? WRONG!!!
Its winter in Cape Town and a 7am alarm doesn’t mean much in dark cold weather! Especially not if you don’t have to be somewhere by 8am on a Monday.  So I pushed the snooze button on mine and, for some mysterious reason the girls alarms just…”died” sometime during the night. How convenient! Nonetheless mom, that’s me, managed to get up, with enthusiasm by 7:30 am wash and get dressed and cook some oatmeal for breakfast J I was rather impressed with myself I might add. Three out of four children made it to the breakfast table with fairly open eyes and somewhat tidy hair. Two were dressed at least, and, Oh well, the baby (now almost ten years old) was just informed ‘it’s ok to go back t…

The greatest Cause

Everywhere we look there is a cry for support of some cause or another ranging from things like anti-abortion, anti-pornography, anti-war, save the rhino, save our forests, change in education policies, and the list goes on. Often we feel condemned or guilty for not supporting causes or charities as it seems the work they are doing is good. Yes, quite right, a lot of the work they are doing is good, but, if we support the greatest cause ever to come on this earth, we won’t need campaigns for other causes and charities. The cause I am talking about is – Church!
Reform the church to reform the land.
Over the last few years I’ve connected with people who specialize in education across various fields from public and private schooling, to homeschooling, education psychology, child development and curriculum writers. In meeting all these very interesting and highly qualified people whether merely on line through cyber space or face to face at meetings I have come to see that in the general…