Just another day – so have a laugh

 Its Monday today, the official first day of the new term! We all went to bed early…. Well 10pm …oops, it was supposed to be early J  well, point is we managed to all be in bed before midnight! We diligently set our alarms for 7am so we can start the new term all bright eyed and bushy tailed right? WRONG!!!
Its winter in Cape Town and a 7am alarm doesn’t mean much in dark cold weather! Especially not if you don’t have to be somewhere by 8am on a Monday.  So I pushed the snooze button on mine and, for some mysterious reason the girls alarms just…”died” sometime during the night. How convenient!
Nonetheless mom, that’s me, managed to get up, with enthusiasm by 7:30 am wash and get dressed and cook some oatmeal for breakfast J I was rather impressed with myself I might add. Three out of four children made it to the breakfast table with fairly open eyes and somewhat tidy hair. Two were dressed at least, and, Oh well, the baby (now almost ten years old) was just informed ‘it’s ok to go back to bed’ after he arrived in the kitchen all confused and in tears as to why he had to be woken up. So mom cuddled him snug under the blankets once more, and pulled the duvet over his head, closed the bedroom door and left him a while longer.
Now, back to business! Oatmeal dished, milk and sugar added, kettle boiling and coffee in the making. Satisfied I had gotten it all together and done it peacefully, no arguments or mopes or complaints (sigh of relief).
Now my precious chicks and I sit down to a warm breakfast with the July winter sun finally stretching its rays just long enough to reach through our dining room window and stroke our faces in a friendly good morning caress. The day can begin! Yeay!
While the mouths are full, the baby comes waddling in, this time with a smile on his face and a warm beany on his head, and joins us at the breakfast table. Now having everyone quiet, as I said, their mouths are full of porridge; we share some wisdom from Scripture, Psalm 119. Yip, that loooooooong one. But we discover how many of our questions, tears and frustrations it covers. All of them to be exact. All of the things each of us had been dealing with was now speaking to us right there from off the pages of the Book of Wisdom, the Bible. That’s fantastic! This term is certainly off to a good start.
After prayer and everyone still quiet and happy Samuel and I take off to reading. This is going to be great. We start our revision exercises form the Davis Method to make sure he remembers how to align and it goes smooth as butter. Then we start our new reader all good too. And then we proceed to packing out our blue consonant letters so we can finish our word building, and there you have it, smooth is all over. Consonant letter ‘poof’ gone! Yip, they have run off somewhere, those sneaky blue card board pieces just decided they don’t want to help out in the language department any longer. O well, we’ve learnt to roll with the punches right? So by the mercies of God we find a discarded piece of blue card board and mom diligently re writes the missing letters so we can please get on with our language. Just a small wobble no biggy J
The rest of the lesson goes smoothly for a first day. So with Samuel finished its Liam’s turn. Its test day for him today and we manage without incident and he scores a fantastic 29 out of 30!
For our short break we decide to bake Samuel’s birthday cake ‘cause it needs time to cool down after all BEFORE you can decorate. Ok, no problem we can do this. So mom and Sam start mixing and measuring and in between he shares the licking of spoons, mixer and mixing bowl with his younger brother and we manage to clean it all up nicely so no one can see we even prepared in our own kitchen! All impressed with our swift work we turn to start on the next reading session….But now there’s a knock on the door. Oh yes, how silly of me I forgot the tables and equipment for the girls sewing classes have to be dropped and stored. Ok, no problem that shouldn’t take too long. And it didn’t. But then back in the house, it’s time to check on the cake in the oven. By this time the boys had decided it’s hot so Sam is out balancing on a tractor inner tube in the pool inventing a new sport, “Tube surfing” – he’s rather good at it too – until his feet freeze and he can’t move them in a way to control balance and ends up in the freezing water with a big old splash. Rebekah laughs and goes; “Well mom, we are your children after all, you always tell us how you used to swim in winter.” So there you have it, I’ve just been informed I’m not allowed to complain about this one. So Yessica just fetches a towel and on we go.
 Great we finally sit down for session two of our reading and that goes rather smooth despite having to remind Liam that he should play Transformers a little less loud and somewhere else to where we are reading. He does, bless him. We get through the reading and spelling words uneventfully and with great rejoicing when it’s over!
I start packing up planning in my head what needs to happen next when all of a sudden it is…12:00! LUNCH TIME!!! Yip, now its eggs and toast and salad and fruit and Oh yes, don’t forget peanut butter and apricot jam sandwiches which I am informed must be cut into small triangles for Liam, because then it’s like proper school lunch, and squares for Sam because he thinks a big boy doesn’t eat triangles.
Rebekah kindly announces that we are way too loud and need to pipe down as she needs to finish concentrating on completing her work for the day in her new self-set up class room outside on the balcony with the garden table and chairs, in the sun, in her bather and skirt to get, yes you guessed it, a bit of winter sun tan!
  Yessica with her new found love for drumming and having been blessed with drum sticks from a uncle in church, is walking through the house with her mp3 player in her ears and drumming the songs on every and any surface she passes by or just happens to be standing or sitting by while disappearing into a world far, far away.
 Liam and Samuel are back to a battle of, I don’t know exactly but it involves Liam being Wolverine, OB1Cenoby, Iron-hide and Batman all in one and his fighting skills are out of this world. Samuel has joined him now as just…well I don’t really know who or what but some weapons specialist and they are traveling through the house, the garden over the gates and walls and in between I hear my eldest sighing once again in almost frustration that school is not over for her yet, and her room feels like a box and she likes sitting outside in an outdoor class room.
But this time, I just smile. I don’t stress, I don’t fret. Nope, I shake my head and smile. Because amid all this that seems like chaos and undisciplined work environment is the one place I am seeing them finally finding who they are and where they fit in this big world of ours. I smile because a year ago Yessica was the one who for the last eight years moaned and shouted at Liam playing drums everywhere and on everything all the time, this time its reversed J At the beginning of the year Samuel could still not read a word, now he can and he is improving and growing daily. April last year I thought I had missed it with homeschooling completely and was ready to throw in the towel, and now Rebekah is sure of herself, confident about her goal and sure she can make it to a Matric final through GED next year (Lord willing).
In my lively – not always noisy – home with very different and yet very similar personalities, where often it takes a lot of chaos to ensure (well in my eyes at least) the beauty God creates out of it, a beauty that is established and remains.
Not all days are interrupted and overly energetic, but they sure do not lack life J And I wouldn’t have it any other way. As it says in Ps.119 – I am glad for the afflictions and sufferings the Lord allowed in our lives, it has yielded fruit, established peace, deep overflowing joy, and a certainty that even though we may not see clearly where it all may lead, one thing is most certain, unshakeable and immovable, and that is that He who made us is God, and He has good plans for us, plans that are innumerable, plans that give us a future and a hope. He never leaves us nor forsakes us and He will lead us always in the way we should go, in the paths of righteousness, in the way everlasting. He establishes us in His Word and in His covenant. He shapes us and molds us into who He wants us to be. He daily writes His testimony on our lives so our lives bring glory and honor to Him.

So here I sit at my computer thinking, “where did the time go today?” But this time instead of feeling guilty for all I didn’t get done, I’m grateful and warmed by all the moments that took my breath away. All the moments that surprised me. I’m grateful to have seen a breakthrough and a light of hope for a healthy relationship between siblings shine. A show that there is a bond of love and true understanding that will last through the years, because it is sealed by the Lord’s Spirit. I’m grateful and thankful that a birthday was celebrated with enthusiasm for the first time in years because the boy whose birthday it was has started to hope and believe he has a future and it is a good one. I am grateful that I can have all this time with my children, especially as, it is becoming a short while. They are already starting to stretch their wings and feeling for the wind to fly off and fulfill their dreams, so I am very blessed and very grateful for having had these sixteen years of fulltime mommy, teacher, doctor, nurse, cook, baker, cleaner, psychologist, sports coach, swim coach, life coach, pastor, prophet, cheerleader, disciplinarian, shoulder, guide, clown, playmate, advisor, dean of studies, gardener, pet funeral executive, party planner, chaperone, driver and whatever they may still need me to be. And I am happy to continue doing this for a few more years. So I look at today and smile and go; “Well tomorrow we will do a little better and get a little further, all by the grace of God.”

(c) Celeste Glass

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