The greatest Cause

Everywhere we look there is a cry for support of some cause or another ranging from things like anti-abortion, anti-pornography, anti-war, save the rhino, save our forests, change in education policies, and the list goes on. Often we feel condemned or guilty for not supporting causes or charities as it seems the work they are doing is good. Yes, quite right, a lot of the work they are doing is good, but, if we support the greatest cause ever to come on this earth, we won’t need campaigns for other causes and charities. The cause I am talking about is – Church!

Reform the church to reform the land.

Over the last few years I’ve connected with people who specialize in education across various fields from public and private schooling, to homeschooling, education psychology, child development and curriculum writers. In meeting all these very interesting and highly qualified people whether merely on line through cyber space or face to face at meetings I have come to see that in the general scheme of things especially among Christians we tend to get ourselves lost in causes we feel the need or call to get involved with. And I have also noticed it is easy to feel that one is obligated to do so because it is our Christian duty to expose what it evil and to do something about it especially once we have children and even more so once our precious children enter the world of education whether school or at home or beyond to College or University.

In an accurate church where the apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors are allowed to function  fully according to that which God has anointing and called them to do and they train the believers in the church in the Word of God, then we don’t need to fight these causes and we don’t need to fear them.  Because where the apostles and ministers of God have a fully functioning Bible College as part and parcel of the church the members are encouraged to receive training in the Word to gain knowledge and understanding of the way of the Lord but most importantly how to hear His voice through an open Bible.  This can be done either through full time study; bible cells once a week or correspondence. As members grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord, they also grow in the fear of the Lord, (Pr.2:1 – 5)the members then begin to train their children during the week at home, and their children then grow up knowing how to resist these temptations and discern the onslaughts of the enemy on their lives and how to overcome it because they know the Word.
Therefore the cause I feel most passionately about and which I share with everyone I meet is the Church.                                Because to reform the land, we need to first reform the church.

How can churches help:
Allow the five anointing of the Lord Jesus to function in the church. (Ephesians 4:11 - 16) Have a Bible College with your church so members can actively study the Word and by doing so the Lord builds unity of faith in our members. (2Tim.2:15) Allow children to be part of the service, not just cute window dressing once in a while, but separated from the main meeting most to all of the time. Parents should be made to feel welcome with their little ones in the church and trained how to raise them in the meetings. Prophet Nola has taught us to come prepared with a blanket or pillow to sit on and to make space on the floor for our children to sit and to sit with them while the sermon is being preached. To explain to them the things they don’t understand and to keep them aware of what is happening and what God is doing. To have them in the worship let them dance and sing with. Allow them to also pray when there is public prayer, allow them to prophesy when there is public prophesy. Children are very aware of spiritual things because they have not yet been defiled and when we protect that and encourage that they never looze touch with the Spirit of the Lord. Don’t dumb children down or speak down to them, they understand well what is happening and they will ask if they don’t understand. I am not saying that having a children’s church is wrong, but when children grow up in church they seldom feel the need to go to “class” because they love sitting under the anointing of the preaching so much. There is also no condemnation for those children or their parents who do make use of children’s church especially families who got newly saved and are still growing accustomed to church, and some children just enjoy going to the children’s church because of the activities. But holidays and long weekends there is no children’s church and the children attend full meetings with the parents anyhow. It is also good if children in their teens 12 years and on, stay in the service. For them we have weekly youth cells where they worship in Spirit and truth, testify and receive the Word together , after this they pray for one another or for the nation or school they attend and encourage one another through words of prophesy which gets scribed so it can be judged by the parents and if needed, the leadership.

What can parents do:
Cultivate a joy for having your children in church with you and go through the times of sacrifice when you feel you desperately have to hear the sermon cause you need some encouragement without interruptions. To do this once in a while is not a problem, but to ‘shun’ your children every Sunday so you can enjoy the service in peace and quiet is a big mistake. Children learn quickly to sit through preaching, they already enjoy the worship so that’s not too hard to convince them to do. Remember if we as parents enjoy church with our children they learn to enjoy it too and if we don’t treat it as a duty but as a privilege and show we value it, so will our children. Allow your children to be involved even from the moment they can walk. Sounds ridiculous but it is true. They have already seen how mom and dad help set up for Sunday meting by sweeping the floors, wiping the chairs, pouring the communion, setting up sound, fixing the tracts, welcoming people at the door, taking up the offering, handing out the communion and then taking it up again, washing the cups, cleaning up and packing away plus many, many more activities and little jobs that go into a service, so let them help. Toddlers aged one to three love cleaning, so give them a cloth too and let them help wipe the chairs, give them a broom let them help sweep or let them hold the dust pan. Let them help rinse the communion cups, allow them to help with the basket for taking up the offering. When children learn from small to “work” in the church they feel valued, and if the church can show them they are valued they will want to continue there.
Also let’s keep training and teaching our children during the week at home.  Don’t fear saying ‘no’ to things, but train them with the Word of the Lord. I have found using the Bible College material my husband and I have studies really helps. When we as parents are in the Word and our children see it by e.g. having quiet time together, each one just reading their bile quietly while all sitting together somewhere comfortable and hearing the Lord peak to them, writing it down in their note books, when they experience how you as a parent experiences Jesus and the working of the Holy Spirit, it stirs them.  By bringing Jesus in to your conversations during the day as naturally as speaking about the latest coffee flavor, creates a normalcy for children that Jesus is everywhere and part of every detail of their day.

When we do this, and we rather pour our energy into training our children and supporting the work of the Lord with our resources of finances, skills, abilities, gifts and talents then the church will be the place people run to for help. The church will birth the next God fearing president of the nation, the church will birth the next minister of education, and the church will birth the next curriculum author and so forth. And because the load of the work of ministry is equally distributed in the church because the apostles are left to the Word and to preaching so we can be equipped to equip others, then, and only then will we see change in all these areas we feel compelled to do something about.  Here is a recent example:
A curriculum writer shared with us the story of her journey with her eldest through homeschooling, making decisions for gr.12 and then after that making decisions regarding University. The young adult wanted to go study filming and journalism at a University nearby. They went to the open day where they were introduced to lecturers and professors and sat through various class proceedings. The young adult came home, spoke to her parents and told them they would be locking themselves in their room for the weekend to fast and pray and wait on the Lord for what they ought to do. The Sunday afternoon they came out and explained that what the Lord showed them was that Daniel and his friends were captured into Babylon, meaning they had no choice as to where they were told to go, where as if they go to University, they will be willingly placing themselves in Babylon and then would have to make the effort to fight off the wickedness they would be coming into contact with. So instead this young adult went to a Bible College for a year. I am not sure about details beyond that but in the meantime, God was establishing the media department in our church and completing the final touches to our small operation. The minister in our church who God used to initiate the awareness of a need for us to establish a media department where we write, film, record, edit and produce our own music and dvd’s is also the dean of our Bible College. We felt to host a month of Saturday media training days. We advertised the brochure and forgot about it on some of the face book pages we had published it on. Now the mom saw it, contacted apostle Aje and set up a group of young people including her young adult to receive training from him in the field of filming where they will learn everything this young adult was going to learn at University, but without selling or tormenting their soul to do so.

With this testimony I hope to illustrate why it is far more worthwhile to spend energy and resources in the support of the church for the equipping of people, instead of in causes and campaigns that can’t even make a dent in the evils of the world. The world doesn’t have the answers and to combat things the way the world combats things isn’t going to win the battles either. We win the battles by knowing how to go to Jesus, by learning to hear His voice and by training our wills to obey Him.
The other thing I hope to illustrate through this testimony is that this mother trained her children to hear God speak to them from an open Bible, and in so doing, when life changing decisions had to be made, the young person could hear from God for themselves and do what He directed them to do with peace and with faith knowing He will make their dreams come true if they follow Him. And this family is not in our church, they faithfully serve in a church closer to where they live.
When we and our children are trained int eh Word and we are baptized in water and filled with the Holy Spirit, we can hear God’s voice and we can, by the grace of God, obey His guidance knowing full well that He will look after us and our children in all circumstances and places even if in our minds it is in dangerous territory, like going to public school, or studying at a College or University. We live by faith not by fear, and being rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus and having His word engraved in the tablets of our hearts, makes us able to withstand the onslaughts of the enemy, Amen. So bottom line, support the church, it is Gods Genial plan for this earth until Jesus returns, and in the church we will find the answers because in church we learn to look to Jesus and not to our pastors and not to one another but to Him, the Savior of our souls, the Author and finisher of our faith.
(c) Celeste Glass

(For help in understanding how a church/bible college works read God’s Genius available from Pelser Media or contact apostle Aje Pelser on

Scriptures to meditate on Proverbs 1; Isaiah 28:9; Isaiah 29:24; 2 Timothy 3:16 - 17; 2 Timothy 4:1 - 5 (all New King James version, these are just a few examples.)

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