Art of a missionary

We invite you all who may be in the Huston area over Christmas and New Years to join in the auctioning off of art work by a missionary from South Africa.

Apostle Andre Pelser has been a father figure to me for close to 20 years now and is by far the most patient and humble man I know. He has trained us, and continues to do so, to follow the ways and methods of Jesus just as the apostle Paul also did.
The main thrust of the work done by Andre and his wife Prophet Nola and their children, is to turn people to focus on Jesus as the Saviour of our souls and the Author and Finisher of our faith. They build people around Christ and not around themselves and it is through this way of teaching and training that I personally have come to know Jesus better and deeper and go to Him with all my problems, struggles, decisions, provision and make Him part of every aspect of my life.
As they preach these things, they also live it. Therefore they use the gifts, abilities and talents God has bestowed upon them to raise funds for the various mission journeys God sends them on, instead of putting pressure on the people and bleeding the already desperate dry of their last bit before agreeing to help, they rather make use of what they have and go to help those who are in need, just as Jesus did.
Therefore we invite you to an art auction of a missionaries work.
Apostle Andre’s unique perspective of life seen through a travellers eyes captures the emotions, character and ambiance of the subjects or people he sketches in his note books. For a peek at some of the work he has done go to
He has also vividly expressed experiences, emotions, revelations and humorous times through the words and music of his blues songs which have been performed and recorded with the Harvester Blues Band on two cd’s 1. Andre Pelser and the Harvester Blues Band and  2.Traveling Man.  Both these cd’s or individual tracks found on the cd are available at
More of his writings that take you to the places he visits can be found at

Through the ministry of Apostle dr. Andre and his wife Prophet Nola and their family alongside with Harvester International Ministries’ ministry teams over 100 nations have been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lives have been changed, marriages have been healed, families have been brought together, drug addicts have been rehabilitated, but most importantly and most pre-eminently, people’s lives have been refocused on Christ.

For more information on Harvester International Ministries or to find links to churches in the Harvester Network around the world go to

Join us on Monday, December 29th, for the U.S. debut of South African Artist & Missionary, Andre Pelser. Original artwork will be sold in an auction, with a live performance by Bluesband. Andre is a missionary to over 100 nations; to date, the funds from his art exhibitions have supported 11 of those missions.

300 Douglas Lane, Missouri City, Texas 77489

For more detail on the Auction contact Carter Prine via g+ or Face Book

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