If you desire an irrevocable and lasting change in your family

It was our end of year Graduation celebration for all the students who studied the Word of the Lord through Miracle Bible College based here in Cape Town on Friday 14 November 2014 at the Protea Hotel in Techno Park Stellenbosch. We have this event at the end of each year to celebrate with those who studied the Word either full time, part time – through local bible cells – or correspondence, the effort they put in to allow the Lord to be the most pre-eminent thing in their lives and for overcoming the things that the Word of God brings to the surface in their lives as well as any obstacle that tries to hinder them from completing their studies.
As the students came forward to receive their certificates I was touched in a deeper and deeper and more profound way with every student coming forth, for of them there were husbands and wives who studied together this year, there were the last of a whole line of family members who finished the two year course, and then of course there was one whole church of whom every member studied the Word this year! How powerful!
I looked at this and I heard these words in my spirit; “The single-minded decision of one individual in a family, to study the Word of the Lord, can irrevocably change the entire course and legacy of that family forever.”
I was looking at the proof of those words right in front of me.
If I truly desire a change in my life, or a change in my marriage, or a change away from that which I have come from for generation upon generation, then the only way to truly break the pattern of the old is to choose by faith to study the Word of the Lord and to by grace through faith act on that decision and do it. Then, and only then will I begin this entirely new course of life for not just myself, but for my entire family and for the generations to come after me.
It may take my own blood family – parents and brothers and sisters – an entire life time to come to Christ, but come they will, because the love of God poured out in my heart at the day of Salvation, will continue to be poured forth from my heart in prayer for the souls of my family until they one day come in even if I have to die not physically seeing the promise like those who set the example for us in Hebrews 11. Because my husband and I love studying the Word and our children see it, they want to do it. I also, since when they were babies read the Word to them from the adult Bible, and as they grew older explained spiritual concepts to them, later we studied and still study manuals from the Bible College together, and now they have on their own chosen that they too want to go and study the Word of the Lord when they are finished with school.
Going to Bible College and learning how to hear God speak to you from an open Bible lays the foundation for the rest of your life irrespective of the line of work you go into after that. People apply the principles taught at Bible College in their work place, in their relationships, in their sport, in everything they do and it yields fruit completely against the grain of our human thinking. Students who didn’t know what they wanted to go and study before entering Bible College, now do, and though they don’t have all the right subjects when they apply at college or university, against all natural law, they get in to study the course of their dream job. Men and women who didn’t have the opportunity to go study when they were younger, after studying the Word, God opened doors at new companies for them where the company not only trains them in the work they want to do, but also pays for them to study further while paying a higher salary then they had worked for before. Others get promoted in places and at times when no one else does. Or they get significant salary increases at times the economy says it is impossible. Others who own businesses have their businesses expand two or three times in a space in time where economists said businesses will close down. Yet others because they serve God whole heartedly and study the Word diligently through correspondence or a Bible Cell find the company they work for suddenly double or quadruple their increase in a time markets say it is impossible and cannot be done, because that individuals steadfast faith and godly work character has a Josef effect in that company.
But the most powerful and most rewarding of all the various benefits and earthly rewards for studying the Word of God is to see how whole family’s lives change direction and course completely away from the old and into the new. They are set free from curses, addictions, and hopelessness. Because someone chose to serve the Lord we see whole families of generations come out of being Muslim, Atheism, Gnosticism, Freemasonry, Witchcraft, Satanism, and are set free from the lies of being Gay or Lesbian, come free from cultural strongholds like Sanghomas  and tribal witchcraft and more. Because they are in the Word and the Light and Truth of the Word and of Jesus penetrates their lives line upon line, precept upon precept here a little there a little, their eyes begin to open up, their ears begin to open up, their minds become renewed and though family and friends may hate them at first, reject them at first, they end up coming in because they see the change, they see the life, they see the fruits , see the peace and the unstoppable Kingdom joy and they want it.
So if you want to be different from that from which you’ve come, choose Jesus and the Word. Study the Word of God through the Bible College material and make Him the most pre-eminent Person in your life, then if you come from a line of alcoholics, you will not be one, if you come from a line of those who never keep a job, you will be one who now keeps a job and will be deemed the most faithful and hardworking employee in the company because with your mind renewed you will know how to serve your co-workers, you will know how to work diligently without murmuring and complaint, you will not mind putting in a little extra, you will work with godly character. If all the women in your line could not have children, you will bear children. If there are strong learning difficulties in your line, you will overcome them and your generations after you will have no learning problems, and so one can continue.
Choose Jesus, choose to spend time studying His Word, choose to let Him work in our hearts and minds to will and work according to His good pleasure.
What sets this Bible College – Miracle Bible College – apart from others that I have seen via internet or Christian magazine articles, is that there is no age limit to being a student. We have had students study full time who were eighty years of age, some fifty. Some families they choose to sacrifice a year and the father quits his full time job for a year and comes to study the Word. Others study part time through a Bible Cell once or twice a week, they are all over the city and nation and world, you can contact Apostle Aje Pelser Dean of Studies via mbc@harvesterchurch.net or aje@harvesterchurch.net for a list of Bible Cells in your area or for him to help you start one in your city or town irrespective of what church you are part of, the Word of God is available to everyone. Or apply for a bursary and come study with us here in Cape Town next year, 2015, we have students from Venezuela, all over Africa and more, we have had students from Holland, Germany, Britain and America, so we can definitely make room for you too, just email and we will guide you through the steps for application.
Choose to study the Word of the Lord full time for a year, take that step of faith and see what the Lord does for you and your family. When we honour Him, He will honour us before the angels and elders in heaven. And if you really cannot study full time, then join a Bible cell or start one, or do correspondence, but let’s study the Word together and grow in unity of faith and continue to live the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus and also spread it to every nation, tribe and tongue.

May God bless you.
(c) Celeste Glass

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