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Standing in this new age

While listening to moms who discussed with me the very real dilemma of their young teen aged children not understanding or seeing why gay and lesbian rights are a problem, nor why there is an issue with people living together before marriage, or just living together; I thought through some things my children and I have discussed over the last few years as they have encountered more and more how friends or team mates reason regarding these issues in society today, and sadly even so the Christian families. Because of this I took some time to wait on the Lord and search the Scriptures once more for perspective and understanding, not just for myself but also to equip my children to be able to stand in this new age of living where vile is called holy and immoral is called moral.
I would like to take the time to share some of what I have discovered in the hope to encourage you too, to stand.
As mentioned, after a few discussions with various mothers as well as reading an article on President …

Point of departure

“The core of your being is the point of departure of everything you say or do” Apostle Dr. Andre Pelser January 2010
Not too long ago the Lord ministered to us as a church regarding offences. It was interesting to note that one of the apostles from our network ministered on this in December 2014 and the Lord felt it necessary and deemed it important to repeat once again now in April of this year, both at the Sunday service as well as at the opening meeting of our Summit. One phrase in particular stood out for me more than anything else – “Vain Imaginations”.
Have you ever found or caught yourself out having an argument or debate or heated discussion with someone in your mind, and it is so clear and so real you see it like a movie and feel it as if you were actually there? Well maybe it’s just me… I’ll be cooking a meal for my family and suddenly catch myself that for a couple of minutes I wasn’t even there, present at the stove, I was somewhere else in an argument of some sort in my hea…

Slowly building houses

So it’s the end of the first term for 2015, well, almost, there is actually still about half a week to go but who’s counting J, and I found myself completely exhausted and drained (this was last week by the way). As I sat in my bathroom head in hands and tears dripping on my new glasses, feeling guilty and condemned for not being such an energetic, organised, on the ball ready to jump home school mom as I ought to be while crying out to my Heavenly Father that I just don’t see how I can help my two boys be successful one day when at this point I can’t seem to even fully complete reading and language let alone move on to the other subjects. I felt hopelessly defeated and an utter failure. Then, as if standing beside me all along with His hand on my shoulder I hear His Fatherly voice say; “How do you build a church?” I answer; “Slowly”. “So how do you build boys and raise them into strong young me?” I replied; “Slowly…” And then as if a dam sluice was released I really started crying and…

2014 in pictures

Its been a hard yet extremely rewarding year in the Glass residence. The year started with the blessing of a bursary at the dance school my eldest attends and the addition of a tutor, named Teresa who helps with math and whatever other academic needs the children may have. She has a keen sense of understanding for children and takes time to learn how to connect with them in ways that make sense to them, thus making her invaluable to us as a family even though we only see her once a week. The Lord blessed us with members in the body who are gifted and equipped in various areas and skills of life and so Teacher Neil Lombaard felt moved by the Holy Spirit to come through every Saturday for the first two terms and taught the girls Cambridge English Grammar and research and written and annalizeing. He and the gifts of the Lord in his life were an enormous and invaluable blessing.

Then Yessica was blessed with a sponsor for athletics – now she got to train at the local track club, meet new f…