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2014 in pictures

Its been a hard yet extremely rewarding year in the Glass residence. The year started with the blessing of a bursary at the dance school my eldest attends and the addition of a tutor, named Teresa who helps with math and whatever other academic needs the children may have. She has a keen sense of understanding for children and takes time to learn how to connect with them in ways that make sense to them, thus making her invaluable to us as a family even though we only see her once a week. The Lord blessed us with members in the body who are gifted and equipped in various areas and skills of life and so Teacher Neil Lombaard felt moved by the Holy Spirit to come through every Saturday for the first two terms and taught the girls Cambridge English Grammar and research and written and annalizeing. He and the gifts of the Lord in his life were an enormous and invaluable blessing.

Then Yessica was blessed with a sponsor for athletics – now she got to train at the local track club, meet new f…