2014 in pictures

Its been a hard yet extremely rewarding year in the Glass residence. The year started with the blessing of a bursary at the dance school my eldest attends and the addition of a tutor, named Teresa who helps with math and whatever other academic needs the children may have. She has a keen sense of understanding for children and takes time to learn how to connect with them in ways that make sense to them, thus making her invaluable to us as a family even though we only see her once a week. The Lord blessed us with members in the body who are gifted and equipped in various areas and skills of life and so Teacher Neil Lombaard felt moved by the Holy Spirit to come through every Saturday for the first two terms and taught the girls Cambridge English Grammar and research and written and annalizeing. He and the gifts of the Lord in his life were an enormous and invaluable blessing.

Then Yessica was blessed with a sponsor for athletics – now she got to train at the local track club, meet new friends and learn how to run the 200m and 400m sprints and start on hurdles for the first time in her life.

The boys also got to experience long distance running

In March we had the MBC Swim Fundraiser and though the weather was on the cooler side and the pool looked more like a dam (due to the green state thereof) we still had many great laughs on tractor inner tubes and a race where the old students on 1996 raced in a relay against the current 2014 students, and although we are a little older than before we still managed to out swim the youth J

Early May we hosted a fun Market day in Melkbos and raised much needed funds for the building of our church. In this I learnt how to make Turkish delight as our contribution for things to sell. I also learnt how to make my own rose water. Both these new skills was quite an accomplishment for me as I don’t currently always have the time to experiment with new things. At the market itself we had mime artists, clowns and sponsored coffee from Mug & Bean Paddocks. People from the surroundings came and bought all sorts of interesting products.

My son Samuel and I discovered ways in which to teach him to read and the Lord guided us step by step in what to do and where to get information. We took things slow and but progressed more and further than he had with all sorts of other help etcetera in five years! Praise be to the Lord. The more time we spent in the Word as a family and the more we give and gave of ourselves to the Lord for His service in the church the more emotional and academic breakthroughs and growth was experienced.(You can read about it on this blog under the heading; He who made you will complete all that concerns you)

As a church we moved into a new building which in a very physical way marked the transition into new and bigger things for us as a body of believers in this move of Gods Spirit. It was a great help in making more room for us a members to function as the work load has increased and with that our children found new areas in which to grow, function and learn by just doing what their hand finds to do in the church. This lead to wonderful opportunities a little later in the year. Here we learned how God’s grace covers us and how His mercy endures.

We overcame more learning struggles.

The girls received the once in a leap year opportunity to learn sewing and pattern making form a renowned couture designer and dress maker. They worked on making doggy blankets as a start and finished by helping complete a Matric farewell dress and a wedding gown. 

Art classes opened up for the older three children at a local private school with a teacher who is a God sent. She has a intuitive way of working with each of them and just loves them so deeply. She understands each ones frustration, struggle and difficulties and guides them so gently into seeing the potential hidden just below the surface and then manages to draw it out resulting in really beautiful art work.
We celebrated the MBC Cup of Missions soccer tournament with soccer clubs, youth groups and members from our church. What a fantastic day of fun and laughter! Once again we could raise funds for training students to hear God speak to them from an open Bible and have fun doing it. In this way we also got to minister to unbelievers or those who oppose the faith in Jesus like Muslim families. When there was an injury we laid hands on and prayed in Jesus name and the Lord healed. There was no nastiness, name calling or other acts of violence and these things ministered to those who participated or came to watch and made them ask about Jesus and church. Praise the Lord for using anything to reach souls if we are willing.

In out winter months we had SUMMER!!! Now it is normal for July to be one of the most beautiful months in Cape Town even though it is in the dead of winter, but it is not all that normal for it to be so hot that we end up sunbathing J It was in this time I noticed that we were making small strides in understanding one another as individuals in the family. Friendships were mended and deepened between siblings, contentment was becoming more visible. I saw how they started to make peace with themselves and who they are and where they are at and this, in turn, lead to more peace.

Games days or youth socials grew and we could invite the groups from the other areas in the church (we are a city wide church so we have youth groups in the greater Cape Town area and it is nice to just let them all get together once a term to enjoy each other’s company and get to know one another)

We were asked by Imagine Heart Productions to have our testimony filmed to the glory of God at Kirschtenbosch Gardens.

We brought back to life the Prisoners production with a combination of the MBC students, lecturers, old students, youth and members from the church. In this it was wonderful to once more see how God reformed and continues to reform the church that every member’s share is invaluable, from the smallest to greatest, each ones share is so important in making things work and bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the peoples, tribes and tongues on the earth. No one’s function or task was too little or too great to be noticed and shared, and as a body we pulled it off with the help of the Holy Spirit and it was a successful show night and the Lord ministered to the people and met them at the point of their need, we had a full capacity crowd! Thank you Lord.Once again our whole family work together as well and it was fantastic! One performing on stage, one filming, one doing lighting and one ushering, my husband doing sound and me whatever there was need to get done.

Pelser Media hosted a Video Production Course at our local library and our children could attend. During the course of the workshop talents were revealed and we learned that one of our children loves acting and enjoyed this part of the workshop very much, the other really took to the filming and storyboarding part. So much so that she got to do two filming gigs and had to edit the one all on her own. 

As parents we are so grateful to the Lord for His Genius the church because the things that the children need training in which is part of the bend of their lives they are learning in and through the church. I don’t know where we would have been or how we would have done it were it not for an accurate, healthy and functioning alive church.
Samuel got to start Robotics at a home near to ours and he loves it. It makes real and more tangible the boring parts of learning Math and science J So now the interests he has in engineering are a bit more real to him now and he can see some of what it may entail as a possible career.
Good friends of mine and myself had on our hearts to help home school moms and families who are in dire straits, or just looking for some up lifting advice, had our first encouraging meeting and it was great to see how when one just applies the protocol learnt and used in church in other areas of life one can get so much done with half the effort it would take if one did it all by oneself, O and not to mention how stress free it all was  TEAM WORK! YEAH!! Because no one of us has all the answers, but God has placed wisdom in a area in each of us and together we display the fullness of His wisdom.
We enjoyed an art auction at the end of November and what was so precious to me in this was one of my children went to the artist who is a missionary also, and negotiated a price for a painting – all monies go to the mission trip to Asia and the Philippines in February this year (2015) as the churches cannot afford to look after or carry the costs involved in having a sent one come to encourage, build and lift them up. It was precious for me to see how although so young he understands the value of missions and ministering to all the nations Jesus sends us to (whether as individuals or our apostles and ministry teams actually going, the fact that we contribute and keep home base going in their absence is just as good and important as those traveling to be there)
Then we celebrated with our students, full time, part time and correspondence that God helped them through a year of studies amongst personal struggles and they completed what they started.
We were blessed with more fun as the kids got to put together a group of friends who went paint balling to kick-start the holiday.

Not long after this we received our medical aid benefits, which allows the children to go to the movies free of charge and for my husband and I to be able to use the facilities at our local gym so we can go back to training again. For me this was especially big as I’m an athlete and after two years of constant injuries and a knee operation to remove a hindrance so that the knee could have free motion again, it is really super doper fantastic to be able to resume rehabilitation and strength training so that I can eventually go back to participating in the sports I love.
We were blessed with answered prayer of a weeklong paid vacation in a fully equipped beach house in a quiet area. My folks live by the sea and they went away and needed someone to house sit their pets and look after the garden, so we obliged. On the second day there the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear; “This is what you asked for, enjoy it” and I heard the smile in His voice. So, thank You Lord for this great break away from the hustle and bustle of life.

We ended the year and entered this new year with our family in Christ by getting together with the families in our area at our area leader’s home. We enjoyed fellowship and some gentle praise and worship by the Spirit of the Lord and prophetic encouragement for individuals and a solid teaching to build our faith for this year and its challenges we are bound to face. I loved sitting and moving among like-minded people, who hear the same drum beat of the Spirit and celebrate the victories won, the stumbling blocks overcame, the growth in every area and dimension of life, spiritual, emotional and physical.
All in all this year past has been a year of tremendous awakening for me personally. Awakening to see, and begin to comprehend and understand together with the saints the height, the depth, the length, the width and the breadth of God’s love toward us who believe. I had some really tough battles to fight this year on various levels of life – and so say all of us – but I can only celebrate as I see how God brought me and us as a family and as a church, through every single one. We were never defeated. We may have felt knocked down a couple of times, but He always picked us up and helped us, carried us through. I keep hearing the truth as my spirit sings with the Holy Spirit the Thanksgiving song written by Harvester’s All Nations School of Worship –
There’s never a better time for us to pray
To open our minds and think about
What God has done today
So take your thoughts back to where it all began
And see how our lives fit into our Fathers master plan
There’s nothing left to do
Nothing left to say
It’s because of You that we got through
We wouldn’t even be here if ti weren’t for You
Jesus there’s just one thing left to do
We say; Thank You
Jesus thank You
Remember that fragrant oil that Mary poured
On the feet of the Master and washed it
With her tears of gratitude
O remember the saints who gave their lives away
To pave the road for you and me
So we could meet some day

©Pelser Media
(c) Celeste Glass

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