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Slowly building houses

So it’s the end of the first term for 2015, well, almost, there is actually still about half a week to go but who’s counting J, and I found myself completely exhausted and drained (this was last week by the way). As I sat in my bathroom head in hands and tears dripping on my new glasses, feeling guilty and condemned for not being such an energetic, organised, on the ball ready to jump home school mom as I ought to be while crying out to my Heavenly Father that I just don’t see how I can help my two boys be successful one day when at this point I can’t seem to even fully complete reading and language let alone move on to the other subjects. I felt hopelessly defeated and an utter failure. Then, as if standing beside me all along with His hand on my shoulder I hear His Fatherly voice say; “How do you build a church?” I answer; “Slowly”. “So how do you build boys and raise them into strong young me?” I replied; “Slowly…” And then as if a dam sluice was released I really started crying and…