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Point of departure

“The core of your being is the point of departure of everything you say or do” Apostle Dr. Andre Pelser January 2010
Not too long ago the Lord ministered to us as a church regarding offences. It was interesting to note that one of the apostles from our network ministered on this in December 2014 and the Lord felt it necessary and deemed it important to repeat once again now in April of this year, both at the Sunday service as well as at the opening meeting of our Summit. One phrase in particular stood out for me more than anything else – “Vain Imaginations”.
Have you ever found or caught yourself out having an argument or debate or heated discussion with someone in your mind, and it is so clear and so real you see it like a movie and feel it as if you were actually there? Well maybe it’s just me… I’ll be cooking a meal for my family and suddenly catch myself that for a couple of minutes I wasn’t even there, present at the stove, I was somewhere else in an argument of some sort in my hea…