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Standing in this new age

While listening to moms who discussed with me the very real dilemma of their young teen aged children not understanding or seeing why gay and lesbian rights are a problem, nor why there is an issue with people living together before marriage, or just living together; I thought through some things my children and I have discussed over the last few years as they have encountered more and more how friends or team mates reason regarding these issues in society today, and sadly even so the Christian families. Because of this I took some time to wait on the Lord and search the Scriptures once more for perspective and understanding, not just for myself but also to equip my children to be able to stand in this new age of living where vile is called holy and immoral is called moral.
I would like to take the time to share some of what I have discovered in the hope to encourage you too, to stand.
As mentioned, after a few discussions with various mothers as well as reading an article on President …