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Tenacity – a study

I was meditating on the awesomeness of God bringing to fulfilment promises made regarding us as a family and for my children at the beginning of this year. As I have written before, our eldest is entering MBC this week to study the Word of the Lord full-time taking the responsibility of laying a firm foundation for her future. This is her decision and desire to answer the call of God on her life. It got me thinking on the road the Lord has walked with me and with us as a family from when I was born and as I was watching this like a movie in my head the Holy Spirit highlighted a conference we partook in as students in 1997 in the Neelsie in Stellenbosch. Prophet Nola was worshiping at the piano and we were worshiping in dance following the lead of Apostle Leigh and Prophet Lynette. Later that same day as we were all gathered with the conference attendees in the conference hall once again during worship the Lord spoke a word of warning through Prophet Nola, which for me I took as a reb…

Patriarchs and matriarchs

It is 2016, a big year for many I am sure, filled with promises and dreams and hopes of bigger and greater things. For me, this year is a very significant year on many levels. It earmarks a completely new course of history and legacy for this current generation and those still to come until the time of Christs’ glorious return. This year 20 years ago, I not only was restored back to the Lord from a state of back sliding, added to this wonderful spiritual family I am still privileged to be a part of – but September 1996 I walked into Miracle Bible College (then Life of Christ Bible Institute) and now on 18 January 2016, 20 years later, our eldest child enters that very same Bible College to study the Word of the Lord and lay the first pivotal foundations for her life as an adult. As a church we are encouraged to always think generational in everything we do. When we look at Gods’ promises to Israel we see that He said in Gen.15v16; Ex.20v5; Ex.34v7; Num.14v18 and Deut.5v9 that God is …