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Life's Journeys

I’ve recently returned to the sports world, well, I’m still wetting my toes really, and I was rather surprised at how much I fought it, seeing as it was the one thing I at one stage, actually for many years, fought so hard to remain part of.  I took some time to just reflect a little upon this new venture of mine and why it was so difficult to wrap my head around it as well as allowing myself to enjoy it. I saw how God had to set me free from laws I made for myself, then I could see this beautiful process He had brought me on and now I’d like to share, maybe someone out there will feel encouraged by this, I hope. My earliest memory; yes this may seem strange but it truly is as if my life began there or it was wiped out before that time and therefore I can only remember from this point; running up the hills we lived in, in a place called Helderkruin Rodepoort in a city called Johannesburg in South Africa, with my dad in the Volkswagen bakkie behind me. I was training for long-distance…