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Beauty of Marriage

[1]“A husbands’ love awakens a response of submission in his wife;
The more the wife submits, the more it draws her husband’s heart to love her. In other words it is a cycle, formulating a bond of trust with equal responsibility. The one can’t go without the other”.

Another picture of God’s love toward us is depicted in Eph.5 from v25 to 33 where the Apostle Paul writes on the resemblance between husband and wife – Christ and His church. When we read the whole chapter we see that in verse one the Apostle Paul commands us to imitate God and live a life filled with love by following the example of Christ. It’s a beautiful book to meditate through but especially chapter five, it is so rich. So now here in the section from v25 to v33 we read about marriage. When we look at Phil.2 we see how Jesus emptied Himself of all His royal privileges and comfort, and not only took on the form of man, but the lowliest of forms, that of a servant – someone everybody looks down on because all we hear and …


This is something that has become an issue of much debate in our new world order. Everywhere we look there is a struggle for identity almost as desperate as a fight for survival, even in the church some find it hard to discover the ‘I am’ principle which leads to cementing the ‘who I am’. Because of this I asked myself; ·“Where then do I find my identity?” ·“Who gets to have a say regarding it?” ·“What defines it?” ·“How do I know it is who I am?” The simplest answer is usually the right one, and the most contested one – I find my identity in Christ. It is theonly place I’ll learn the truth and it is the onlyplace where it will not be shaken but rather sure and steadfast. “How do I do this? How do I find my identity in Christ?” The first step would be salvation, then baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit, and then continual meditation and study in the Word of the Lord as it is the Word that transforms us from within.
Rom.12v1-2 I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God …