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A Home School Mommy

Many have asked me; “So what do you do?” And my reply has most always been; “I home school my kids.” And sure enough the response on their end is; “WOW! How many do you have?” Yet again, “I have four.”  ……
You can imagine how it goes from there as I’m sure many of you have had a variation of responses yourselves. Most often we get bombarded with one of two directions: 1 – either more questions which lean to negative ‘poking’ or very rarely sincere inquest with the desire to truly understand what it’s all about and sometimes out of a need to see if it might become a very real option for them due to struggles and frustrations in their current form of schooling/education; or 2 – the insincere praise which is a failed attempt at hiding their criticism due to being completely ignorant of what home schooling or home education truly is or entails, or maybe they had really negative encounters with others who home school, who knows?  But then we also have, less of late, the blatant “attack” o…

The Essence of Me

If I had to ask you, to tell me what the essence of you might be, how would you describe it? Would you look up the Oxford or Webster dictionary description, or maybe a concordance of sorts or even a Thesaurus? Or would you be able to take a moment, become completely still and then from deep within bring forth your own definition of who you are at your essence?
I have come to understand over the course of about 20 years, that to be able to be true to myself, I first need to accept myself, and in order to accept myself I first need to explore getting to know myself -  and in getting to know myself I need to humble myself in order to have a sane estimation of who I am, not too little and not too much, or as the ILS Coaches term it – become equal to all of who I am. Accepting and embracing myself warts and all, knowing that I am on this transitory journey of continual change, of continual reformation and transformation and it is a beautiful process and an absolute privilege.
Having said …