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The glory outweighs the suffering

Not too long ago I wrote about identity and how we find it and what it means, but today I’d like to share the beauty of living ‘who’ you are, to your fullest.
I have this incredible privilege to live in a word where I am half surrounded by artists and half by athletes, and it is a blessed way to experience God manifest through people. To me, watching the musicians, song writers, fine artists, dancers and choreographers, authors and the like create something beautiful out of nothing, or out of seeming chaos, is breath taking. Seeing something or hearing something beautiful come to life as they bring the unseen and the unheard to the physical realm of see, taste, hear and touch, just again emphasizes the glory of an All-Knowing, All-Powerful living Creator. They tap into the unseen, and manifest it. One can say they make faith visible as they display the vast colour and sound and gentle grace of our Awesome God, Who’s creativity knows no bounds and has no limits. It is divine as it revea…