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Fruit of love

When we look at the fruits of love as per 1 Cor. 13 it might sometimes feel rather overwhelming, but when we begin to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us and enlighten our understanding by showing us other passages and drawing a line through them, then it no longer feels so overwhelming because we see and learn the practical application of practicing love.

I have been taught that the Word always answers itself; all we have to do is continue reading. Another beautiful thing about the Word is how simplistic it is, it’s so easy in fact that we don’t want to do it because we in our pea brain self-willed mentality want things to be difficult so we can prove how good we are. May the Lord help us.

Aspects of love I’ve been pondering are endurance and patience.

                                                         Sketch of Jesus by Jibu StephenLove endures all.
What a statement! So I thought and pondered and waited and chewed for a while now, and wow! The Holy Spirit just kept unfolding it day…