The foolish things that confound the wise – Part 2

I now follow up on my first article about Water Baptism with Holy Spirit baptism. This is another principle in our foundations of our faith that has been hotly disputed for centuries and still is. The common mistake is comparing the infilling of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10v34-35 and 44 to 48) with the gift of tongues (1 Cor.12v10), when in all truth you can’t have the one without the other. Here to it is a simple case of man’s wisdom trying to comprehend what it cannot control and therefore leading others into error.

The Holy Spirit is such an awesome part of our full Christian walk; He is the one thing we cannot do without. Having Him is in fact like having Jesus with us all day every day in everything we do. Everything the Lord has for us, wants to show us, and wants to give us we receive, see, hear, know and understand with the help of the Holy Spirit. We can’t be humble without Him; we can’t submit without Him we cannot obey without Him: we can’t fear the Lord without Him, everything we need we receive by receiving Him. We can do nothing without the Holy Spirit. He is our constant connection to Jesus, Who is our connection to the Father. The three are one, the three work together and the three inhabit our lives if we let them (John 14v23-26).

                                            Rivers of living water shall come forth from
                                            your innermost being

So let’s break it down:
In Isaiah 11v2 we see some of the attributes of the Holy Spirit –
Spirit of wisdom and understanding
Spirit of council and might
Spirit of knowledge
Spirit of the fear of the Lord
When we look at Proverbs 8 where the Holy Spirit is defined as Wisdom; Who was there from the beginning of creation – before the worlds were formed – which is in relation to Genesis 1 v1 -2. The Holy Spirit incubated the waters so when God spoke, the waters were divided, and from there every time God spoke a new part of creation came into being. Then He created man with His hands, and breathed His Spirit into them – which means; life, breath, intellect and soul. Hence the fact that there is something of God in each of us, saved or unsaved, it is there, through salvation in the name of Jesus those parts of God in us become sanctified, and with the Help of the Holy Spirit they come to optimal function and use – reach their full potential.
Throughout the New Testament we read the work of the Holy Spirit and it all lines up with this passage in Isaiah and in Proverbs.
He is the Comforter as we read in John 14, He is also Wisdom as we read in Proverbs, Isaiah 1 Corinthians 12 and in Ephesians 1v17 – it is the Holy Spirit that reveals things to us and warns us and shows us things to come – John 14v26. How will we know to spot Gods wisdom if we are not filled in the Holy Spirit? The fruits of His wisdom are described in James 3v17-18 and Matt.11v19 and Luke 7v35.
He is the Spirit of truth, therefore without Him we can’t enter the full depths of worship for the Holy Spirit sows us what the Father wants us to do in worship and then we act up on it in line with the truth of the Scriptures. Whatever the Spirit shows us is in the Word, if it is not it is not the Holy Spirit as He cannot go against the Word of God – John 14v17 and John 4 v 23-24 also John 16v14
He is our Helper, Teacher, – John 14v16, 26
He convicts us, He does not condemn – of righteousness (right living, reminding us we are right with God once for all despite our flesh wanting to sin, we are right with Him because of Jesus, as well as showing us that which we did or do get right so we can give Him the glory –Heb.10v10; Rom.5v17-18)
-          Of sin (what sin is and which actions are sin)
-          Judgement (not just the judgement of God but also to judge ourselves, judge our own actions and thoughts and also to catch ourselves doing something right! We judge works – not people, we judge actions – not people, we judge words – not people and we judge fruits – not people John 5v30; 7v24; 8v26; Rom.14v13; 1 Cor.6v1-11; 10v15; 11v13; 14v29; Matt.7v15-20; Matt.12v31-37 and so there are many more examples of how and what we judge by the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit.)
He guides us in all the truth – meaning also He guides us in all that is true regardless of how, where and what. Truth is truth, it is man who chooses not to give God the glory, for to the pure all things are pure, and if we are filled with the Holy Spirit He can make a truth stand out in any area of life, you can literally watch a spy movie and there will be a quote or a saying that will ring true regardless of whether or not the film is worldly or not. Same with books and knowledge, all knowledge and all truth comes from God for He is not only the Spirit of Truth, Jesus is the Person of truth therefore, there will be truth in anything around us, if our hearts are turned toward Jesus the Holy Spirit will help us spot it and guide us the Scripture that speak that truth. (Titus 1v15; Rom.11v33-36; John 1v1-5)
If we don’t have the Holy Spirit we can’t love like Jesus loved, for there are definitely numerous instances we can all name where it was impossible for us to feel love or act in love toward someone or in a situation, but supernaturally we did – that is because of the Holy Spirit – Romans 5 v 5. And the fruits of love are cultivated by the Holy Spirit, we can’t be or do or become like that in our own efforts or with powerful thinking, it is a supernatural work that the Lord has to do over a period of time in our lives through the working of His Holy Spirit in us who believe.(1 Cor.13) The fruits of the Spirit can only be developed by the Holy Spirit as we meditate n the Word and He opens up our understanding on how God works in our lives in order to bring forth those fruits in Galatians 5 otherwise we will constantly fall to the works of the flesh listed just above the fruit of the Spirit.
We can’t meditate on things above – heavenly things, the Word and God will and His perspective on life things and people – if we are not filled in the Holy Spirit (Col.3v1-2; Phil.4v8-9)

We can’t pray without the Holy Spirit – Romans 8v26-27 – He is also making intercession for us.
Jude 21-22 – we build ourselves up in faith by praying in tongues
We stir up the gifts within us by praying in tongues – 2 Tim. 1v6-7
In Acts 2v4 we see that the Holy Spirit filled the believers and they began to pray in tongues and the Apostle Paul explains in 1 Cor. 14v14-19 that we all pray in tongues, to edify our own spirits and to speak to the Lord and hear what He says back to us, but if we pray in tongues like this in the assembly no one understands, therefore it is better to then either do so as a congregation praying simultaneously in order to stir up the gifts mentioned in Chater 12 so that we can operate in them, and once we do operate in them and someone does receive the gift of a specific tongue (which will be an actual language spoken somewhere in the world by some culture somewhere) that, that person has to ask the Lord for the interpretation of that tongue so that the entire church may be edified and built up, otherwise rather only prophesy so that the church may be edified, comforted, encouraged and exhorted. If there are unbelievers and the Holy Spirit gives someone a specific tongue – meaning the actual language that person speaks – he will understand it and it will be proof that God is there and wants to minister to them. I have heard of many such testimonies, where foreigners who didn’t actually believe would out of interest go to a conference somewhere and then when time for flowing in the ministry gifts came someone would actually speak in their language who had never before done so nor ever done so after, and that person heard God speak to them things only the Lord could know, and so they had gotten saved.
I myself had experienced how the Holy Spirit would pray in Arabic, Chinese and some other tribal kind of tongue, and it has only happened once each, and with each of these I had an interpretation after of prophetic decree or utterance regarding those nations and in the consequent years members and leaders of our church had traveled to those nation by divine construction (divine connections from obscure places in unthinkable times) and the things the Lord spoke through me on those occasions have come to pass.
So there is a clear distinction between the gift of tongues which is basically prophesying or words of knowledge in another language, and our prayer language of tongues which is only understood between our spirits and God.
By praying in tongues we quiet our mind – as Paul says it becomes unfruitful – and then we can hear the Lord speak to us clearly. So when I am anxious or distressed, I pray in tongues and it calms me down, for the Holy Spirit is also a Spirit of Peace, and He fills us with peace. I also pray in tongues before I pray for anything so that I know exactly what it is the Lord wants me to ask Him, as well as before I minister to anyone whether in prayer, teaching or prophesying because I am only a channel, a tap from which the water pours, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the ones who do the work, and get the glory, I’m just the point of contact.
We can be freshly filled with the Holy Spirit at any time, all we have to do is ask and start praying in tongues.
It is such a power! Just by praying in tongues, the Word says refreshes us – Acts 3v19.
I love the Holy Spirit, I cannot imagine life without Him. He is so precious. That is why any sin can be forgiven but the sin against the Holy Spirit – Matt.12v22-37 Jesus explains why, because the Holy Spirit speaks, and when we pray in tongues He empowers us to do the Works of Jesus and greater works, so if someone says it is not the Holy Spirit that did the works, or gave the power or call the Holy Spirit evil, that is sin against the Holy Spirit. We can only do the things of Jesus by the power and infilling of the Holy Spirit – even Jesus worked with the Holy Spirit it is clearly seen in Matt3v16 and 4v1. And then in Mk.1v12 where it speaks of the Holy Spirit driving Jesus into the wilderness – so it was a forceful strength so that He would be able to withstand temptation just as we also have to and overcome it. Now knowing this, how on earth can we even begin to think we can work and live without Him?! The Holy Spirit quickened Jesus to give Him strength, it is the Father raised Jesus up by the power of the Holy Spirit and that same power that raised Christ from the dead nor resides in us through the Holy Spirit – Rom.8v11, He is the Spirit of an endless life – Heb.7v16
The Holy Spirit, ponder it, look for Him in the Scripture, for not even the Bible was written without the help of the Holy Spirit as seen in 2 Tim.3v14-17 and 2 Pet.1v21.
In conclusion, the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues is for every single believer, regardless of age or race or culture, once more if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and confess with your mouth that He was born of a virgin, lived in the flesh dies for all mankind, was raised from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father, then you have the right to ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. And yes, not even you will know what you are praying, it will most likely sound like baby google to you, but it is not for your mind to comprehend; it is the language of the Spirit. Our minds are not supposed to figure it out, it is a hidden language between our spirit and the Holy Spirit and He will give us the interpretation when the Father wills it as we pray.
So right there where you are ask the Lord to fill you with the Holy Spirit, invite the Holy Spirit to fill you. And wait for Him, He will do it. Don’t try and figure it out, just allow Him to do it. Amen
© Celeste Glass


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